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Dope Ropes: Neon Pink Amethyst Adjustable Bracelet


Neon pink arm candy, rev up the hype!  Acid-bright vibrance with the purple perfection of Amethyst, exuding healing properties and protection!  Aside from preservation against Bacchanalian revelry, Amethyst enhances motivation and focus, stimulating spiritual growth and prosperity!!  A super-chic talisman!  To be worn individually, together or layered up with gold galore!!  For everyday sophistication percolate: Purple Power!
Stone:  Amethyst (x3)
Cord:    Neon Pink Waxed Cord – dope ropes!
Size:     Adjustable 
Status: New
N.B: This bracelet also comes in Neon Green and Neon Orange! Super chargin’ day glow!

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