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March’s birthstone, the awesomely azure Aquamarine.  Profoundly mesmerizing and especially when one dreams of desert islands and Aquamarine waters.  Did you know that this beautiful birthstone comes from the Beryl family which includes Emeralds (green), Morganites (pink) and Heliodors (yellow). 

Healing Properties:
The Aquamarine is the gemstone of courage and purportedly it also sharpening one’s intellect! An amulet of awesomeness and exquisite beauty that sparks joy and happiness AND provides eternal youth! Yup we are definitely so having some of that!! 

Potted History & Magical Myths:
The name given to this bewitching blue Beryl “Aquamarine” derives from the Latin “Aqua” for water and “Marina” for sea!  Apparently, it was used by the Ancient Indians to adorn amulets, by the Egyptians as talismans whilst the Romans and Ancient Greeks gave it to their sailors to ensure safe and prosperous passage, and tame stormy waves!  In a quid pro quo it was believed that if they threw their Aquamarines overboard the Mermaids would catch them and keep them in their treasure troves and in turn would calm the gods.  Think we all need to go scuba diving for these beauties!!


Birthstone: March
Wedding Anniversary: 19th Wedding Anniversary
Colour: Aquamarine
Origin: Pakistan, Brazil
Chemical Formula: Be₃Al₂SiO₆
Mineral: Quartz
MOHS: Hardness Scale 7.5 - 8
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