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What is Vintage Jewellery?

Within the gloriously glittery world of fine bijoux you may well have come across oft used terminology like: Contemporary, Vintage, Antique and Estate to describe periods of jewellery.  Here at Baroque Rocks we delight in dazzlers which fall into the Vintage jewellery bracket and specifically from the 1960s to the early 2000s!!

So, what is Vintage jewellery, we hear you coo?  It effectively describes pieces that were made between 15 and 100 years ago, whereas Antique jewellery refers to jewels that were crafted over 100 years ago.

To add a little confusion sometimes gems are referred to as Estate jewellery (or estate jewelry) meaning that the pieces in question had a previous owner where the age of a piece has no determining factor i.e. it could be 1 year old or 150 years old.

Finally, Contemporary jewellery means as you would expect it to modern, pertaining to the present day!

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