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Baroque Rocks treasures its treasures and like a good woman, gemstones absolutely adore being lavished with attention and care, so we would love to impart a few tips on caring for these magnificent magpie pieces. There are so many factors that can influence the condition of jewellery but we thought we would address a few key points such as: general wear; storing and cleaning your jewels and a few general tips. But, fear not, ardent treasure seekers! A few basic precautions can help preserve your bounty for years, stay with you into your dotage and even become heirlooms!


When putting on your jewellery do take time to have a look at your pieces and whilst marvelling at their beauty do remember to check if the clasps are working properly, and that joinings and gemstones are secure. We would hate for you to lose a gem!

When getting dressed remember the old adage that jewellery should be the last thing you put on in the morning and the first thing you take off at night, whilst ensuring that the scent you have liberally sprayed all over your good self is dry (chemicals in scent, hairspray, make up etc. can damage and tarnish your jewels).

We all love the sartorial splendour in looking like Christmas trees apart from those minimalists amongst you but when wearing multiple rings, bracelets or necklaces do remember that gemstones, even diamonds, can chip and scratch.

When cleaning or washing up do don those splendid Marigolds and protect your jewels and your delicate mitts from harmful chemicals (especially bleach).

If you are proud of your sporting prowess, (for which we very much applaud) we strongly recommend that you remove your jewellery when exerting yourself! Granted you may feel naked without it but you don't want to expose it to knocks or scratches! As for swimming, wear a swim suit or your birthday suit but not your jewels - chlorine can damage your precious gems and tarnish gold and silver alike. Oh, and gardening, if you want to grow your largest marrow for your village fete or school fair hurray, but do remove your jewellery or wear protective gloves.

Weather, our favourite topic, take care to avoid extreme humidity or heat as this may cause tarnishing and remember that when it is seriously cold your fingers shrink so your ring/s could go flying off!



    Baroque Rocks very much recommends that everyone has a treasure box and a well-appointed one at that! Not where your splendid cache is all thrown in higgledy piggledy but where OCD reigns supreme: where each piece has space to breathe and be but more importantly so they don't become scratched, chipped or damaged.  If you don't have a treasure box, all Baroque Rocks jewellery comes in either a box or pouch!

    Try to keep your jewellery somewhere dry with low humidity as damp, hot conditions could well tarnish metals and damage pearls and certain stones!


    If your rings are a little grubby and rather caked in that delicious hand cream that you secretly purchased because it cost one the absolute earth - the best tip we can bestow on you is to simply grab a toothbrush and a little Fairy liquid and give it a scrub! Rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water.

    Do use professional cleaners but read the book of wise words from the manufacturers first! They really are very wise!

    We very much counsel against using an ultrasonic cleaner.  Cast your mind back to your science classes for second, ultrasonic cleaners use sound waves to break down the dirt particles accumulated on the surface of your jewellery.  It is important to know what materials you can clean with these devices as you could damage your piece. In general: DO NOT put in: Diamonds; Lapis Lazuli; Emerald;  Onyx; Opal; Tanzanite; Pearls.

    Just so we aren't complete naysayers you can put Gold and Platinum in an ultrasonic cleaner - just, as long as they aren't adorned with gemstones.

    Baroque Rocks does advise that you get your bejewelled items professionally cleaned once in a while, purely to bring back the sparkle and brilliance that may have waned; some jewellery houses even encourage this to happen once a year. Should you wish to enquire further please do see our Services section.


    We could prattle on for hours on this marvellous topic of top tips but we thought we would just provide a quick precis on a few!
    Gold Glorious Gold: When going for a layering effect i.e. draping oneself in reams of gold jewellery channelling BA Baracus from the A-Team - Baroque Rocks recommends that one wear gold of a similar carat (i.e. team 18K with 18K or 9K with 9K) together, this is to thwart a harder lower carat gold rubbing against a softer higher carat gold causing scratches and abrasion to the surface.
    Emeralds: such elegance can be delicate and these gemstones are really quite delicate and not as hard as others so can be scratched or chipped easily.  Moreover, they can crack if they are allowed to become dry, therefore they should be re-oiled every couple of years.
    Soft Gemstones: Emerald; Kunzite; Opal; Pearl; Peridot; Tanzanite; Tourmaline are delightfully delicate and can get easily scratched so do look after them.

    Pearls: Are very soft and can be easily damaged, so keep them away from other items of jewellery in a soft pouch but never asphyxiate them in a plastic bag! Do check that your pearls are properly strung and don't look like they could run free (Baroque Rocks does offer a re-stringing service)!


    Do store leather away from direct sunlight to prevent any fading and in a dust bag to avoid any scratches or damage.
    If you get your leather item wet; blot with a soft absorbent cloth and let it dry naturally and perhaps stuff with a soft cloth so it maintains its shape.

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