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Rocking Sustainably

“Baroque Rocks delights in curating vintage sustainable jewels that are extraordinary in design, scarcity and pure zany funk!”


Committed to Protecting our Planet

Here at Baroque Rocks we are fully committed to ensuring that our company has as little impact as possible on our precious, beautiful planet.  

Both as a business and as a lifestyle we have imbued sustainability in everything that we do, which is why we source second hand, vintage jewellery, saving these pieces from being smelted and the craftsmanship being lost. Added to which we absolutely love finding tantalising treasures!    

Our curated trove of sustainable riches transcends eras, allowing for numerous seductions to happen along the way, ensuring that these jewels are enjoyed for many a generation.


Our Process

We hunt for treasure all around the UK and then have each piece professionally polished and if needed restored by some of the Birmingham Jewellery Quarters’ finest craftsmen; ensuring that the pieces are as good as new but maintaining their history and heritage.  

Interestingly when our pieces are polished the Master Polisher collects all the gold dust and has it smelted down to create recycled gold (perks of polishing).  Gold is the monarch of metals and not one spec of dust is wasted! 

Once the treasures are back with us, we then sound cleanse all the pieces, which staves off any naysayers who perhaps otherwise would never consider buying pre-loved jewels!!  We then photograph each piece and upload onto our online bejewelled emporium. 


Our Metal and Stones

As our pieces are vintage, we do not know the source of the gold and stones, but we do know they have not been mined in the last twenty plus years.  However, we strive to know the exact source of any new stones or metal we may need.


Our Candles

Our vegan-friendly, natural candles are hand poured in England into recycled glass. They are created using a unique blend of plant wax that burns cleanly and effectively.  Infused with fine scents and essential oils they contain absolutely no petroleum-based products.  Approximate burn time of 40 hours.


Our Packaging

We source our packaging from small businesses around the UK and try to make it as eco-friendly as possible.  Our packaging is mostly paper based, from: gift bags to boxes with our tissue paper being FCS and acid free.  With regards to our ring and necklace boxes we are looking to source a more sustainable option in the future. 


We may be biased but we rather love our packaging so much so that we think you can most definitely re-use it in a multitude of ways: 

  • Upcycle our gift bags to grow plants in on the windowsill.  
  • Use the boxes to tidy away small items on your desk! 
  • Use the empty glass candle holders as water/ wine / whisky tumblers! 
  • Alternatively keep your treasures scratch proofed in their own individual boxes! 
  • We welcome any brilliant ideas of how to re-cycle our packaging and would love to post it on our blog.  Please do email:


Our Aims

Thankfully, the eco-evolution is gaining global momentum and we are trying our utmost as a company to harvest as much information around what we can do better.  We are by no means perfect and would very much welcome any suggestions on how we can improve our environmental impact.  In the meantime, we will carry on sourcing treasures around our brilliant British Isles, saving them from the smelter and as our mantra goes: 


“Affordable and sustainable jewels that don’t cost the earth!”

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