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Baroque Rocks Candles: Inspiration


Your boudoir is a bomb site as you frantically search through your numerous immaculate arranged frocks for your sartorially sassy statement black dress. You have applied your makeup (obligatory lip liner, eye liner, liquid liner - effectively all the liners the maquillage gurus have kindly bequeathed us), sprayed yourself liberally with scent, your locks have been coiffed to perfection and now you pause and think: "What? Oh what am I going to adorn myself with?"  You play for time and light a candle, watching the flames flickering with a casual insouciance that masks your mild panic regarding what bejewelled treasure is going to complete the sophisticated understated glamorous look you are trying to attain. Inspiration hits you and you delve into your jewellery box and settle for oversized gold and ruby earrings and a large diamond and ruby cocktail bombe ring! Huge sigh of relief is expounded and you victoriously snuff the candle and waltz out into the waiting night that is about to embrace you, your little black dress and your bold brilliant baubles! 

Our natural candles are created using a unique blend of plant wax that burns cleanly and effectively. Infused with fine scents and essential oils (absolutely no petroleum based products). Our glass is recycled and all hand poured in England. 

Scents: Neroli, Sweet Orange, Lavender, Lavandin, Rosemary
Packaging: Comes in our signature Baroque Rocks box with stainless steel lid
Size: 20cl
Burn Time: Approx. 40-50 hours

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