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November birthstones make for a perfectly Panglossian pairing: smouldering Citrines and tantalising Topazes!!  A shot of excessive optimism derived from these marvellous minerals is something we can all benefit from!!!
Healing Properties:
Citrines are thought to energise every level of life whilst attracting abundance, prosperity success and wealth not to mention happiness pleasure and protection!  Did you know that the Citrine is known as the ‘Merchant’s Stone’ or the ‘Wealth Stone’!!
We say forget the genie!! Rub the Citrine!
Potted History & Magical Myths:
The power of the sun is said to be encapsulated in the Citrine, energising all aspects of circadian life, which it has done with aplomb throughout the centuries!  Harking back to the Old Testament, the Citrine was deemed so fine, it adorned Aaron’s breastplate as one of the twelve chosen gemstones.  This fabulous lemony, orange and brown hued beauty was also coveted by the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians not to mention the Victorians and modern-day Royals.  Quite frankly we understand why they all vied for the Citrine’s glamorous rays we do too!!


Birthstone: November
Wedding_Anniversary: 13th Wedding Anniversary
Colour: Lemon, Orange, Brown hues
Origin: Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia, Spain, Russia, Madagascar, Brazil
Chemical_Formula: SiO₂
Mineral: Quartz
MOHS: Hardness Scale 7
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