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April’s birthstone induces one and all to have an ‘unapologetic’ Diamond addiction!!  And who wouldn’t with its white-hot hues that are so intensely irresistible to any rockhound!!  Did you know that the word Diamond derives from the Greek “adamas” which means invincible!!!  Smouldering swagger of invincibility!  Such brilliance! Such Fire! Such Scintillation!  One would be forgiven for being a serial stoner!

Now to add a little to your scientific repertoire, apart from the four Cs used for Diamond grading (Cut / Colour / Carat / Clarity to read more do click here) the diamond is also revered for its other three attributes:

  • Brilliance is the white-hot reflection from the Diamond’s dazzling facets, the brilliant brightness that this gemstone exudes.
  • Fire is the glorious burst of technicolour that is the result of light dispersion!
  • Scintillation is pure unadulterated sparkle, those fabulous flashes of light that are thanks to the combination of the Brilliance and Fire!

Healing Properties:
The Diamond is the gemstone of strength, happiness and longevity!!  And in tales of yore was thought to ward off the plague!! Now fancy that – given these pandemic times?  Obviously, a complete medical necessity so ice yourselves ‘tis after all, for your protection!  But far more importantly Diamonds ignite the flame of love!  Choose love, choose diamonds!

Potted History & Magical Myths: 
The dazzling Diamond was traded as early as Fourth Century BC and was revered by royalty and coveted by all!!  Alluvial Diamonds (found in rivers) were brought from India to the Venetian markets and by the 1400s those bobby dazzlers had become the fashion zeitgeist.  By the 1700s Brazil samaba’d onto the scintillation scene, as India’s deposits were dwindling, dominating the Diamond world for a good 150 years.  Fast forward to the late nineteenth century, South Africa emerged as the super-power with De Beers controlling an estimated 90% of the world’s diamonds!!  The most famously fabulous Diamond to have been mined there was probably The Cullinan I also known as The Great Star of Africa and is set sensationally in the Royal Sceptre which makes up the Crown Jewels!  Today of course, the Diamond with its adamantine strength, phenomenal beauty has become the universal symbol of love and adorns many an engagement finger!!  Diamond delectations for digit decadence!


Birthstone: April
Wedding_Anniversary: 60th & 75th Wedding Anniversary
Colour: Colourless
Origin: India, Brazil, South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo, Russia, Botswana, Australia, Canada
Chemical_Formula: C
Mineral: Diamond
MOHS: Hardness Scale 10
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