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1977 Deakin & Francis Carnation Necklace


A Deakin & Francis “D&F” carnation creation from this incredible bejewelled atelier who have been creating beautiful jewels since 1786.  Delving though, further back into the annals of time where history becomes legend, it is said that carnations appeared after the Crucifixion of Christ.  They sprang up in the exact spots Mother Mary’s tears dropped as she mourned her beloved son.  This ‘Flower Power’ carnation, though sprang upon the sparkling seventies scene in 1977 and has been glittering with love ever since!  Wear with abundant love, lashings of it!

Metal: 9K Gold
Length: 4.5cms; Necklace 24 Inch
Hallmarks: 1977 Birmingham
Maker Mark: Deakin & Francis
Status: Vintage

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