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Peridot (or Chrysolite)

August’s birthstone is the pleasing Peridot, a delectably divine green Olivine!  Having long been associated with light and radiance the Ancient Egyptians referred to the Peridot as the “gem of the sun!”  Interestingly though, in our more modern times it is known to the glitterati as “Evening Emeralds!”  Either way enswathe oneself in its verdant vitality and cavort like Cleopatra and yee shall capture your Mark Antony!

Healing Properties:
Associated with inner radiance, prosperity, immortality, good fortune fertility and rebirth, the Peridot also apparently alleviates jealousy!!!  One will need all the help one can get when wearing these ‘lava’d’ up beauties!  Eyes green with Peridot envy will be glowering at you!  We say let them glower, you have the Peridots …….. Whoop

Potted Science, History & Magical Myths:
Peridots are found in volcanic basalt i.e. lava, meteorites and deep inside the earth’s mantle!  Talk about rocking it!!  And just to sprinkle a little more Ziggy stardust on this fabulous gemstone, in 2005 Peridot was discovered in comet powder which was brought back from the robotic space probe bearing Bowie alter ego!  Raw power of Peridot!!

Back to history, the Ancient Egyptians mined the gorgeous green gem thinking them to be Emeralds.  It is now widely believed that Cleopatra’s “Emeralds” were in fact Peridots!  Religion wise, Peridots are mentioned twice in the Bible and were one of the twelve gemstones that Moses galloped down with from Mount Sinai!

Little linguistics nugget: the words Peridot come from the Greek “Peridona” meaning “giving plenty.”  And the Peridot certainly beams brilliance whilst bestowing good fortune on those who wear it!


Birthstone: August
Wedding_Anniversary: 16th Wedding Anniversary
Colour: Brown Green, Yellowish green, Pure Green
Origin: Island of Zabargad, USA, China, Vietnam, Pakistan, Mynamar, Finland.
Chemical_Formula: (Mg,Fe)₂SiO₄
Mineral: Olivine
MOHS: Hardness Scale 6.5
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