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July’s birthstone is the ravishing Ruby, King of Gemstones (the literal translation of Sanskrit’s word Ratnaraj)!  Its first cousin is the sensational Sapphire and both hail from the super cool Corundum mineral line. The only corundum we have, is whether one goes for pyro pink or radiant red rubies!! Boomshakalaka!!

Healing Properties:
Rubies incite passion and are known to encourage the zest for life, Tantric style!! They are also the gemstone of valour and courage and promulgate pure unadulterated happiness!! Not surprising given the Rubies trope of happy hues!

Potted History & Magical Myths:
Rubies have been prized throughout history and were deemed to be God’s most precious gemstone!! As we whizz through the ages, globally, the ancients, kings and queens all revered Rubies!! We revere Rubies!!! Rubies are rare and to be revered!
And they are, so much so that the Sunrise Ruby, a big Burmese beauty, was sold in 2015 for a mere USD$30.4million!! 

A little-known ‘titbit’, but a perfect soundbite to proffer at a dinner table or cocktail party, did you know that the Black Prince Ruby in the British Crown is actually a red Spinel???? Thankfully Spinels are rare and sought after too.

Birthstone: July
Wedding_Anniversary: 40th
Colour: Red, Pink
Origin: Afghanistan, Myanmar, Pakistan, Vietnam, Australia, India, Sri Lanka, Russia, USA
Chemical_Formula: Al₂O₃
Mineral: Corundum
MOHS: Hardness Scale 9
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