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September’s enviable birthstone is the smouldering Sapphire!!! The Sapphire is a technicolour dream as it literally comes in every happy hue from canary yellow to catnipping candy pink but most notably that covetable cornflower blue!! Its first cousin is the ravishing Ruby and both hail from the super cool Corundum mineral line. The only corundum we have, is whether one goes for Blue or any other colour of the Sapphiring up rainbow!! Oh, and as it has been a firm favourite of the royals it is obviously ranked amongst the world’s most valuable rocks!

To dazzle those around you with your intellect sport an Orangy Pink Sapphire as it has a real tongue twister of a name: Padparadscha meaning lotus flower in Sinhalese! Or opt for a Star Sapphire which exhibits an optical phenomenon called an asterism where intersecting needle-like inclusions reflect light to form the ‘star’ on the dome section of the cabochon gemstone.

Healing Properties:
Sapphires are talismanic and bring tremendous amount of love and luck.  They are also known as the wisdom stone and incite intellect!!! Bedeck oneself in Sapphires for brains, love and luck!! Simples!

Potted History & Magical Myths:
Sapphires have been prized throughout history and for centuries been linked to royalty and romance!  British Royals point in case! Gods of Ancient Greece and Emperors of Rome were sartorially clad in Sapphires!!! Blue Sapphires were viewed by The Church as representation of heaven whilst its flock thought they would receive heavenly blessings!! In short, the Sapphire is all mightily venerated!

There are few notable Sapphires that have been discovered. First up is The Star of India Sapphire, one of the largest in the world which was donated by the renowned Banker J.P. Morgan to the American Museum of Natural History in 1901!!! Years later it was the subject an Agatha Christie style heist in 1964! Thankfully, this literal Rockstar was subsequently found and repatriated to the museum!! Then, relatively recently, in 2015 an enormous Star Sapphire was discovered in Sri Lanka, called the Star of Adam and worth an estimated $300million.


Birthstone: September
Wedding_Anniversary: 45th & 65th Wedding Anniversary
Colour: Blue, Violet Blue, Green, yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, Grey, Black, Brown
Origin: Madagascar, Tanzania, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India and Australia.
Chemical_Formula: Al₂O₃
Mineral: Corundum
MOHS: Hardness Scale 9
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