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November birthstones make for a perfectly Panglossian pairing: tantalising Topazes and smouldering Citrines!!  A shot of excessive optimism derived from these marvellous minerals is something we can all benefit from!!!
Healing Properties:
Topazes bring an abundance of joy, love, strength, good fortune and most importantly good health added to which it is an alluringly attractive gemstone.  Gaze into its Mykonos /Ibiza / Bali blue hues and be transported to paradise!  After all, dreaming is believing!
Potted History & Magical Myths:
Much like the lauded Citrine, Topaz was one of the chosen twelve gemstones adorning Aaron’s Breastplate, so sayeth in the Old Testament!   In terms of linguistics, the jury is out as to where the word Topaz derives from, some believe it to come from the Sanskrit “Tapas” meaning fire (no not a few bijoux eateries Spanish style) or from the Greek “Topazos. ”  Fast forwarding to the Middle Ages (500-1500 AD), Topaz was apparently ground into a powder and mixed with wine to guarantee a good night’s sleep!!  Talk about mix your fix!
Birthstone: November
Wedding_Anniversary: 4th Wedding Anniversary & Imperial Topaz for 23rd
Colour: Colourless, light blue, yellow, orange, pink, violet, brown & very rarely, red (known as Imperial Topaz)
Origin: Brazil, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Russia
Chemical_Formula: Al₂SiO₄(F,OH)₂
Mineral: Silicate
MOHS: Hardness Scale 8
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