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The Independent Spirit Edit: 'One's Christmas Gift Guide!!!

Baroque Rocks

The Independent Spirit Edit:
'One's Christmas Gift Guide!!!


Darling All

Baroque Rocks is in fabulously fine festive fettle and wanted to spread our coruscating Christmas cheer with an electrifying edit of incredible Independent Spirit!! Shop small and sleigh your list!! We have it covered for the discerning recipient with covetable notions for the: The Aesthete, The Mentalist Hedonist, The Epicurean, The Bibliophile and The Practioners of Hedonia! Father Christmas you are firmly on furlough until next year!


RdS Illustrations
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Family first!!! Rosamund de Sybel, when not being the go-to for geo-politcal matters she is a true master of versatility. Her artistic flair oscillates from elegant and captivating Pet Portraits to ‘Vogue-esque’ chic cartoons.


Paul S. Brown Oil Painter

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The globally collected renowned realist artist that is Mr Paul S Brown uses old master techniques, a true mixologist he meticulously selects pigments and hand crafts his oils to create subject matters ranging from nudes, to landscapes to still lives. To fervently hanker is understandable but remember you never actually own a Paul S Brown you merely look after it for the next generation!

The Spotty Horse

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The Spotty Horse, a creation by the ridiculously talented equine portrait artist Madeleine Bunbury, presents a unique collection of luxurious and colourful British homeware and gifts. Dive in as you will sure to be joining her “colt” following!


Muck N Brass
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Enter the world of ‘Luxe-cycling’ with the brilliantly bonkers Muck N Brass, founded by the fabulous television personality, creative extraordinaire Zoe Pocock. Her boundless imagination breathes life into upcycled art and furniture, infused with fantastic humour for truly statement pieces.


Initially London
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Delight in the art of personalization with Initially London, founded by the wonderful Jane Wiest, offering a unique style of monogramming that goes beyond the ordinary. From fonts to graphic design, their touch can embellish anything with personalised charm.


Henry Bickerton Design
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Henry Bickerton Design where the British Country House and the London pad meets purveyors of jolly good taste!!! Offering a comprehensive design service including styling and interiors Bickerton champions the English country house aesthetic creating beautiful, comfortable, classic spaces. He is also a regular contributor to the Interior Style Bibles such as House and Garden etc.


Pink House Mustique
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The Pink House Mustique, is a treasure trove of must-haves!! Gloriously unique ranging from sartorial splendour (the whole gamut of resort wear for children, teens, adults) to covetable ceramics and homewares and all designed by the dynamic dynamo that is the lovely Lotty Bunbury!!! Lotty draws inspiration from the picturesque Mustique island, infusing nearly every design with the essence of this Caribbean paradise.



Drummond Money-Coutts
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Drummond Money-Coutts, really is the world's finest magician and mentalist and holds a distinguished reputation as the preferred entertainer for royalty, presidents, prime ministers and of course Baroque Rocks! He has captivated audiences globally in person and on the big screen! The mentalist is currently in residence at The Palace in Abu Dhabi and his show "Impossible" is in a word PHENOMENAL!!! A must see if traveling through the UAE!!! DMC’s creativity extends to a fabulous card game called ZILCH, available for enthusiasts at toy stores and Amazon.


Motorcycle Buddies
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Motorcycle Buddies, founded by the dishy and dynamic Gregory Apostolidis, offers expertly crafted Advanced Motorcycle Training courses designed to bring out the best in riders. Their intensive courses will have you revving your engines with excitement whilst guaranteed to enhance individual potential, providing a tailored approach to skills, drills and road awareness so that one will be riding high! Motorcycle Buddies encourages riders to be smarter and safer, through comprehensive training: “The road starts here, it never ends! It’s time to ride!!”


Houmous Productions
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The super dope DJ Ari Houmous is what everyone needs on their speed dial!!!  His sets have been danced to all over the world ‘from London to the Bay’ as Mc Hammer would say including celebrity filled parties in Delhi, Hong Kong, Ibiza, London, Marbella, Miami, Mykonnos, New York, Tel Aviv as well as oft being DJ in residence at the Annabel’s, The Box, Penelopes etceterahh!!! What are you waiting for? Start planning for the bash everyone is dreaming of!!


Weyborne Estate
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At the highest point in an area of outstanding natural beauty, that is the South Downs, there is a solitaire sparkling in the rough!!!! A single vineyard from the Weybourne Estate producing deliciously delectable “Blanc de Blanc” style bubbles!!! The owner, a multipotentialite: geologist, businessman and keen partaker of the Sport of Kings, Nick Clarke felt compelled to start his “vocation to prove he could deliver the finest sparkling wine”!! And rather phenomenal frothings the Weybourne has achieved!! So go on indulge in spirit lifting libations after all ‘fizz the season to be bubbly!’


Tempus Foods
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If you fancy bedecking your table with some cheery champion’s chow, then look no further than the multi award-winning British Charcuterie company Tempus. Founded by 2010 Master Chef winner and author of SPICE (up your life literally) Dhruv Baker and 2011 Master Chef finalist Tom Whittaker. Where to get your mitts on a pack: directly, or it is helpfully stocked at Her Majesty’s favourite grocers Fortnum & Mason, Selfridges, Bayley and Sage to name but a few establishments.


Rolex The Story Behind the Style by Rachael Taylor
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Jewellery journo extraordinaire, Rachael Taylor’s third bejewelled tome "Rolex: The Story Behind The Style" is literally a crowning hatrick!! It delves into the iconic brand's cinematic presence, philanthropy, and its allure as a valuable collectible. Don’t waste time get the story and the style!


Dolce & Gabbana Alta Gioielleria Masterpieces of High Jewellery by Carol Woolton
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The revered jewellery historian, editor, author, stylist, multi award winner of Podcast If Jewels Could Talk and acclaimed jewellery editor spanning well over two decades for the Bible of Style that is Vogue, Carol Woolton has just released her latest book laden with sparkling fascination!! “Dolce & Gabbana Alta Gioielleria” gives a glittering glimpse into the world of haute joaillerie. “Elevating your style game” with “Luxury that speaks volumes!”


Madame Badobedah and the Old Bones by Sophie Dahl
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Now this is a book for adults and smalls alike: curl up with the marvellous ‘Madame Badobedah and the Old Bones(sequel to the multi-award winning Madame Badobedah) and get lost in the magic of mermaids, Emeralds and dinosaurs!! This is Sophie Dahl’s eighth book, with authoritative fabulous flair, her brilliantly beguiling voice sparks pure unadulterated joy!!! So “Darlinks” wrap up the wordsmithery wisdoms of Madame Badobedah! We already have!!!


They Don't Teach This at School by Mylen Klass
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Equip your family with essential life skills through "They Don’t Teach This at School" by the marvellous multi-hyphenate that is the author, musician, TV personality, radio disc jockey, fashion designer you name it, the magnificent Myleen Klass!! It is a practical guide covering everything from DIY to everyday knowledge. Must have book – total ‘Klassic’!!


Looking Out For Love by Sophia Money-Coutts
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Genius journalist of broadsheets, glossies and multi award winning author, Sophia Money Coutts’ latest book "Looking Out For Love" is a delightful new romcom awaiting discovery. A fun frivolous roman which will have you guffawing and snorting with laughter! Total serotonin satisfaction!


Centini Blowdry Bar

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Step into the world of Centini, the super stylist hairdresser who believes in the transformative power of beautiful hair. With two salons in Fulham, Centini offers more than just a haircut; he provides an experience that uplifts and empowers. Treat yourself to the best blow dry of your life and embrace the confidence that comes with feeling good about your hair. PS He also opens on a Sunday if need be and first blow drys are at 7am!


Inner Expansion Agency

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Explore transformative courses offered by The Inner Expansion Agency, founded by author and trauma specialist, Lucinda Gordon Lennox. Drawing on her expertise in Trauma, Therapy, EMDR, Reconnective Healing, and Reiki, Lucinda's approach is a unique fusion of modalities aimed at inner growth and healing.  Uncover the barriers within yourself and embark on a journey toward self-discovery and love.


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Experience TASHA BE - We are possibly biased but Tasha is ludicrously talented achieving incredible results by integrating all aspects of health. Marrying Pilates, Yoga, Breath Work, Emotional Freedom Technique, Nutrition and Holistic Health knowledge into each of her tailored sessions!! A comprehensive perspective to well-being.


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Immerse yourself in the teachings of Rachael Richards Yoga, where creative and energizing vinyasa flows meet the contemplative practice of yin yoga. Rachael weaves ancient wisdom into her classes, providing a space for self-discovery, connection, and personal growth. Join her in recognizing the power of community and the transformative effects of mindful movement.

As ever Baroque Rocks is here to “gift” up your spirits as ‘tis the season for frivolity!! Do indulge you’ve earned it and we hope you have enjoyed our “tree-mendous” gift guide!

Merry Christmas one and all!

Stay sparkling!
With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

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