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The "VD" Edit: His and Hers

Darling All
“VD?!?”  No, it’s not something that is treated with a nuclear amount of antibiotics, but to some just as loathsome! Yes, it’s the yearly occurrence of Valentine’s Day.

We of course LVE it, as did those hot-blooded Romans who had been well in on the act of love centuries ago, having named some chap, St Valentinus who apparently wore an oversized Amethyst signet ring engraved with Cupid!!  Excellent wooing tactics we noted, for those credentials got him canonised!  Hot on St Valentinus’ fervourous heels was the old Tudor romantic Henry VII, who lovingly bestowed the 14th February on Blighty in 1537, and by Royal Charter no less! 

The Victorian’s were a seemingly less soppy bunch indulging their acerbic affections by sending Vinegar Valentines; whilst in modern day Elizabethan England, Poundland has unveiled its 2019 Valentine’s range: “Bling Ring” with the caption: “Because we promise they’ll want to choose their own!” And although the mighty American Steinhoff, is quite right with his Poundland sentiments we thought we’d offer a little helping hand with our His and Hers Guide.

For him we have sought sartorially smart accoutrements in the form of Gold cufflinks and to pay homage to St Valentinus, a signet ring but unfortunately with no God of Desire etched into the stone.  As a sop though, did you know that Blood Stone is a renowned aphrodisiac?

For her we have an abundant array of jewels to set hearts fluttering!  Pectoral pleasures: dainty white and yellow gold necklaces were two hearts may beat as one.  A Diamond and Citrine Cocktail ring with diamonds and hearts galore to set pulses racing!  The brilliance* of bling!  Finally, whilst the key to anyone’s heart is obviously decked in diamonds, this Mother of Pearl, Ruby and Gold necklace will certainly unlock all desires!

Baroque Rocks for both the lovestruck and lovelorn, because nothing quite says undying love as a glorious gift…….to oneself!!

With buckets of Valentine’s love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team 
*Did you know that Diamonds are denoted by their Brilliance, Fire and Scintillation?

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