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Antique Articulated Gold Gimbal Orb Compass Pendant

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An awesomely articulated gold orb pendant that swivels open to reveal a compass!!!  This chic centennial curio is both practical and symbolic, a sparkling periapt that will bring one inspiration, independence, balance and safe passage through life’s journey.  Did you know that the word compass derives from the Latin: “com” meaning together and “passus” which is step or pace.  Journeying together we advocate embarking on a voyage of discovery straight to the bejewelled emporium that is Baroque Rocks, which is of course everyone’s innermost desire and their True North!!!

Metal:          15K Gold
(tests for 15K Gold on the top and the base tests for 14K) for the Compass
Size:              c.2cm wide
Hallmarks:   Rubbed
Necklace:     9K 18inch Necklace
Status:          Vintage

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