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Cabochon Citrine Gold Retractable Pencil


Indulge in a bout of fabulous frivolité with a “Cabochon Citrine Gold Retractable Pencil!”  A stylus so swaggeringly suave its even crowned with a cabochon Citrine which we advocate wearing on a long, long chain and used purely to practice one’s signature in well….. style (or to pencil a postcard)!!  Hold a vibe, its “urban organic mic mechanic”!

Instructions: The citrine section twizzles off so you can load leads and if you gently pull on the middle section the pencil it will extend.
Stones:       Citrine
Metal:        9K Gold
Size:           6cm and 8cm extended
Hallmarks: Rubbed c1970s
Status:        Vintage
NB: The piece originally sported a dulled piece of Mother of Pearl which we swapped out for a cabochon Citrine which we thought brought the pencil to another level of delight!  

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