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Easter: Be a Bejewelled Eostre Goddess

Posted on March 25 2018

Darling All

Lent is almost over and Easter beckons!  Time to ruffle those feathers, lick those lascivious lips and shake your slimmed down Shakira hips!

And whilst you dream of Easter eggs and chicks you may blunder back into that old Plutarchian question: “what came first the chicken or the egg?”  Well, here at Baroque Rocks we can enlighten you. 

Carl Fabergé stood with the egg.  So much so, he made fifty of them for the Russian Czars.  The first Imperial egg was commissioned by Czar Alexander III as an Easter present for his wife (hint).  This spectacular gold and white enamel creation carried a golden hen with ruby eyes.  Give it another hundred years and Paul Kutchinsky outdid him with the "Argyle Library Egg": 60cm tall and covered in 24,000 pink diamonds which Kutchinsky himself had hand-picked.  Imagine 24,000 diamonds…….and pink ones at that.  Swoon! 

But who stands with the chicken?  Who else but Baroque Rocks.  And in our corner, we have the bejewelled Teutonic goddess Eostre.  Cue drum roll and heavenly trumpets..........and behold our unique Golden Chick pendant.  Like Fabergé’s creation, it has ruby eyes and the added sparkle of an encrusted diamond surround.  But, unlike his eggs, you can wear our pendant to lunch, as Eostre would.

A Goddess trumps a Czar.  So, the Chicken wins it.  Rule the roost this Easter and load up your basket at

Oh, and bugger the Easter Egg hunt in the garden.  They're obsessed with their phones anyway.  Get them to hunt our website for diamonds instead!

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

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