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Heart's Desire Edit: February's Fanciful Flutterings!!!

Posted on February 06 2024

Baroque Rocks

The Heart's Desire Edit:
February's Fanciful Flutterings!!!


Darling All

Hello Magpies: February’s fanciful flutterings are here!!!  The house of Baroque Rocks isn’t one for trends, but ‘Pro Lovem’* the runways have Hearts on repeat!!  And just like the month we are in this Edit shall be short and sweet assuaging winter blues with a dazzling dose of heartfelt rock-solid convictions!!!

Heart Quartet Silver Spoons
Click for Super Stylin' Stirrings!

Kickstarting our love parade and for those captivated by a caffeinated Colombian we have a quartet of Silver hearted spoons, which will enhance anyone’s super stylin’ stirrings!

Diamond Heart Sliding Necklace 0.52 Carats

Click for Pulsating Brilliance!

You thought that caffeine sent one’s heart pulsing, but 0.52 carats of brilliance will send it stratospheric!!  This Diamond Heart Sliding Necklace boasts brilliance with five Princess Cut Diamonds and 25 Round Brilliants to join the glittering gala!!  Heck of a heartstopper: “One love, one heart, one destiny!”
Diamond Studded Heart Stud Earrings

Click for Subtle Dazzle!

Make a dazzling understatement with these Diamond Studded Heart Stud Earrings which in pared back fashion parlance means “assertive luxury!”

Gold Heartfelt Hoop Earrings
Click for The Puff Daddies!

However, if one is a purist with tendencies to lean towards the monochrome, then the monarch of metals in the form of Gold Puff Daddy Heart Hoops are nailing it in the sophistication stakes!

Articulated Happy Heartfelt Diamond Necklace
Click for Articulated Happy Diamonds!

Shaking up one’s style, we have a veritable masterpiece, a love affair with a soupçon of 007 flair!!  Diamonds are forever, and in this case can be seductively shaken not stirred, as these treasures of the heart, don’t just shine they move they groove …they are a ravishing riff on Chopard’s Happy Diamonds!!

Silver Heart Locket Necklace 1975
Click To Swoon!

And the beat goes on….with a Seventies Silver siren to make one swoon or a Pearl and Heart bracelet, as it’s so much better to wear one’s heart on one’s sleeve!!

Baroque Rocks’ doth recognise that “it is hard to contend against one’s heart’s desire” but that’s why we have created a collection where one can comfortably own the tropes of ‘cor’** genre!!!  Adding to which Vogue’s diktat in this month’s styling memo was to quite simply “bedazzle!”

Stay sparkling!
With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

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Pro Lovem: Latin oath literally meaning By God
Cor: Latin for heart

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