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It's Reigning Jewels Edit: Hallelujah!!!

Posted on May 04 2023

Baroque Rocks

It's Reigning Jewels Edit:


Darling All

Roughly this time last year Blighty was commemorating our late Queen’s Jubilee with a party at the Palace which of course went Platinum and here we are in monarchical May gearing up to a coruscating Coronation of his Majesty King Charles III.   A right royal revelry is most definitely in order and the house of Baroque Rocks is here to guide us through our own interpretation of Operation Golden Orb, a minimalist Monarchy maybe but maximalist bejewelling is a must!!


Purple Reign!
Click for a Purple Reign!

And right on cue, we have an awesomely articulated golden orb pendant that swivels open to reveal a compass!!!  This chic centennial curio, a practical periapt that will bring one safe passage through life’s journey.  We advocate embarking on a voyage of discovery straight to the jewellery emporium that is Baroque Rocks!!!

Regarding royal regalia and dress code diktat, we literally do have the jewel in the crown with this mightily fabulously faceted heart of Amethyst!!!  So, keep up the Royal Standards by throwing on a crown and a gem set one at that!  If ermine “ain’t your thang” then carry on percolating purple power by bedecking yourself in this magnificent MILOR Amethyst and Black Onyx Cocktail corker!!  Opulence that commands adulation darlings and not just the obsequious ones wishing to kiss the ring but also the pirana-esque pouncing efforts from those green at the gills….


Pearly King or Queen!

Click to be a Pearly King or Queen!

And speaking of green, in jewellery terms May is all about “trope-ing” the colour and specifically Emeralds!!!  Do don an electric Emerald and Pearl Cocktail Ring which is eternally elegant, whilst fizzingly ‘fresh n funky’!!  Psst we have seen an awfully similar ring sported by our future Queen, the now Duchess of Cornwall!

Emerald and Diamond White & Yellow Gold Signet Ring

Click to enter the Golden Arches of Baroque Rocks!

Be like His Majesty an ardent environmentalist, formerly known as The Prince of Green and sport a “Sign-et o The Times” pinky ring – and instead of a coat of arms, go gemset with an Emerald and a dazzle of Diamonds!!  Terribly in vogue, even Macdonalds is releasing its own Signet Ring replete with the requisite golden arches logo!  Just “Lovin’ it!”


Click for a Rewilding!

A new Carolean era is upon us, likened to Charles II’s Restoration period but where the “Rights of Nature,” conservation and restoration are heralded.  Something that our new King has championed for decades!!  Rather like the rewilding project that occurred at Highgrove, we too have been doing a similar effort with our jewels!  Take this bedazzling Birds Nest Modernist Cocktail Ring, dating to 1972 that we discovered with broken claws and ten Red Garnets.  We revived the piece with white hot Diamonds and vestal verdant Emeralds!  Fulgently, it’s now fit to fledge!

 Coronation Jewels

Click for Coronation Jewels!

Similarly, this blue-blooded bedizened Bear bestowed with Blue Topaz Eyes and Blue Sapphire buttons started off life in 1995 with paste gemstones!  Quelle horreur!!  We rather think he symbolises St Edward’s Crown, though ‘well jel’ of the 444 gemstones that adorn it and too right “uneasy is the head that wears the crown” as it weighs a whopping almost 5lbs (2.23KG!!)!!!  Good luck Charlie Boy!  And speaking of good fortune the Amethyst Flower Brooch dating to 1976 is rather reminiscent of the Scottish Thistle in its prickly purple hue!  Our final piece fit for the Coronation is the Golden Beehive, hallmarked for 1972!  Apiculture that is artfully articulated to reveal the Queen Bee!  Did you know that in a wonderfully eccentric tradition when the late Queen died the royal beekeeper was summoned to Clarence House to notify the bees of Her Majesties death and that King Charles III would be their new master!!!  Treasure indeed “lies in the beehive of our knowledge!!!”  (Please note both the Bear and the Beehive are POA and haven’t as yet made it to the website……apologies we have been awfully ‘bee-zy’.)

Having somewhat paraphrased both the bard and the philosopher our buzzingly bejewelled belief is that honeybees: “creatures that by a rule in nature teach the act of order to a peopled kingdom,” a metaphor really which in sparkling speak means wear large and in charge jewels and celebrate with royal rectitude!  Vivat Rex in Baroque Rocks!!  Hallelujah!

God Save The King!  Stay sparkling!
With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

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PPS Did you know that King Charles III loves a bit of Shakespeare:

Uneasy is the head that wears a crown” Henry IV Part 2, Shakespeare

“For so work the honeybees, Creatures that by a rule in nature teach The act of order to a peopled kingdom” Henry V, Shakespeare

“Our treasure lies in the beehive of our knowledge” Nietzsche

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