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“Just for one day, we could be heroes..”

Posted on June 04 2018

Darling All

“Just for one day, we could be heroes
Forever and ever, what do you say?” David Bowie: Heroes 1977

On Sunday 17th June 2018, Fathers can be heroes just for one day.  Did you know that it took FOUR US Presidents to make Father’s Day an official jollification!  Ever the egalitarian, President Woodrow Wilson submitted the original bill in 1913 and it wasn’t washed through until 1972, when under Nixon’s Presidency, he made it into a permanent national holiday! 

But how are we going to celebrate Daddy Hero? Traditionally it would be a card and lunch surrounded by one’s progeny but, we really need to be equitable here (all the stops were pulled out for Mother’s Day) and think about PRESENTS!!!  As no less than four Presidents invoked this celebration, none can utter any misgivings on the perceived whiffs of commercialism, and quite frankly, who doesn’t like a present?

Should you have a large Birkin bag heaving with cash, may we suggest buying the coveted Cullinan?  No, that doesn’t mean stealing the crown jewels and picking out two of the largest diamonds in the world from Her Majesty’s Sceptre and Crown.  The Cullinan is the name bestowed on the Rolls Royce of Rolls Royces!  An SUV that can cart an entire family and its menagerie around in style and luxury!  Such a gem of a motor but dash it though, it’s only available in 2019! 

Oh, but wait, is that Baroque Rocks?  Your hero of the hour?  We utter a thankful prayer and quickly focus in on what offerings they have.  The perfect present is all about the bejewelled blend of accessories; the eclectibles such as: cufflinks, rings and tie clips to spruce up all swathes of characters!  And completely explainable as investment pieces My Loves!!  The “Alternative Investment Fund” to be quite precise, should one ever be questioned. 
Gold CufflinksCufflinks
So which delectable vanities are you after?  Cufflinks from Baroque Rocks come in unique one-off statement pieces like these 1960s gold cufflinks: “Shagadelic Baby” and wearable to the office; a St. James’ club, or, Clapham Grand to watch the boxing! 

If gold ain’t your thing, then opt for our Silver Linings range, such as these tremendous Turquoise and Diamond Oval Cufflinks to brighten up your day whilst you count down until you next see turquoise skies. 

If you aren’t partial to cufflinks, nor wear a wedding ring (Prince Harry now does!!) what about this swaggeringly splendid Seventies Onyx and barked Gold signet Ring?  Now that’s hero worship: just “Kiss the Ring!” – we most definitely would!

Do net these assets for Father’s Day and Baroque Rocks will make your beloved a Hero and not just for one day!

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team 

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