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Maximalist Edit: The Scintillating Sybarite Sequel!!!

Posted on December 19 2022

Baroque Rocks

Maximalist Edit:
The Scintillating Sybarite Sequel!!!


Darling All 

The scintillating sybarite sequel is upon us with rocks that will be the lodestar into Christmas and beyond!

Forget navel gazing and don ‘dis’ dazzling Diamond decolletage heart necklace!!  It’s a 20 pointer and seriously the groove is in the heart with this one!!  Or if you want to propound power dressing, then these magnificent Mabé pear-shaped Pearls are just the ticket!!  Pearls are literally the golden balls of the season!!!  Baroque Rocks on first acquiring these beauties wore them to guess where?  Not the red carpet but Glasto replete with a Panama hat!!!  Sound cleansed to the Tor’s tunes!  Should you want to up your game this season then what about a rare spot of Georg Jensen golf? Awesomely articulated 1960s – literally clubbing has never felt so good (due to imbibing too much this festive season this cool kinetic golfing beauty this isn’t quite up on the website but do drop us a message if you want to know more).


Dazzling Diamond Decolletage Heart Necklace
Click for Clubbing!

Nowadays bit like drinking champagne, its rather de rigueur to Go green – we certainly are all in favour and especially when we have such verdurous hues to choose from.  Clockwise we have an elegant emerald cut Prasiolite (Green Amethyst) and Diamond Necklace dated for 2005!!!  Essential hard candy funk!!  Next, we find ourselves gloatingly gasconading about this glittering Grima-esque, yes that’s right, Grima-esque Green Tourmaline baby!  Modernist marvel with barked brilliance!!  If you are after a ‘bombé’ blaster in crystal rather than Mother’s ruin spirit form, then this cracking Chrysolite (Peridot) Cocktail Ring is for you! Seriously your look will go Platinum!!


Peridot Platinum and Gold Bombe Cocktail Ring

Click To Go Platinum!

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without cocktails and do we have a sparkling, superstylin’, sexy, swizzle stick for you!!!  But it isn’t just any ole swizzle stick, this is the Puff Daddy!!!  An articulated awesome accoutrement that is a dual jewel!!!  Get down tonight for some multitasking!! Prestidigitation at its finest: stir that Casa Dragones with one end and pierce that fine Cuban with the other!!!!  Hedonism dated for 1988 – literally “Need You Tonight!”


Articulated Swizzle Stick & Cigar Piercer Pendant 1988

Click For The Puff Daddy

As ever Baroque Rocks is here to literally “gift” up your spirits with niche ideas of wanton indulgence for Christmas, we literally are the recycling Rebel without the Claus and totally ‘sleighing’ it with splendiferous, sparkling, sybaritism!!!!

Merry Christmas one and all!

Stay sparkling!

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

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