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Spring Clean: Shine Bright Like a Diamond

Posted on April 19 2018

Darling All

Spring has finally sprung, which means it is time to don dazzling daffodil yellow Marigolds for April’s annual Spring Clean!  If you positively loathe cleaning as we do, then jazz this chore up with Fats Waller’s song Spring Cleaning to get you into the mood, or if that’s not your style then ramp up the amps and fire up the Dust Buster to DJ Sasha’s 1994 Renaissance album. 

The Baroque Rocks Spring Clean will concentrate on a far more beguiling arena.  You’ve guessed it - your treasure box!  So, lock the doors and unlock that safe, valet box or jewellery box.  Prepare for a few pleasurable hours of bedazzling sartorial splendour!

Take each piece out and inspect it carefully.  Whilst marvelling at their beauty, do remember to check if the clasps are working properly, that gemstones and joinings are secure.  We would hate for you to lose a gem!  Oh, and Pearls Girls; please do examine your necklace and that your pearls are still properly tightly strung.  If your rings are a little grubby, the best tip we can bestow, is to simply grab a soft toothbrush and a little Fairy liquid and give it a scrub!  Rinse thoroughly in lukewarm water. Do use professional cleaners but read the book of wise words from the manufacturers first!  They really are wise! 


We very much counsel against using an ultrasonic cleaner.  Cast your mind back to your science classes, ultrasonic cleaners use sound waves to break down the dirt particles accumulated on the surface of your jewellery.  It is important to know what materials you can clean with these devices as you could damage your piece.  In general: DO NOT put in: Diamonds; Lapis Lazuli; Emerald; Onyx; Opal; Tanzanite & Pearls.  We aren't complete naysayers, you can put Gold and Platinum in an ultrasonic cleaner - just as long as they aren't adorned with gemstones. 

Baroque Rocks does advise that you get your bejewelled items professionally cleaned occasionally, purely to bring back the sparkle and brilliance that may have waned; some jewellery houses even encourage this to happen once a year.  Should you wish to enquire further please do see our Services section together with our Care section.

Now that we have lectured you: Go forth, bedeck yourself in jewels and parade in front of the mirror; enraptured by yourself and your gems!!  What a simply splendid creature you are!  See, at Baroque Rocks we believe in self-love as much as we believe in the power of cleaning. 

We shall sign off now, and you can put your jewels away especially as you now have indulged in the first steps of a Spring Clean!  

Just please remember, that chemicals are harmful to gemstones, so having de-robed yourself from gemstones, snap those rubbers on and one’s home will “shine bright like a diamond”!  Well, we can but hope… for diamonds that is (Oh, and fancy that, Diamonds are April’s birthstone); whilst we remind ourselves that cleanliness is next to godliness!  We will take godliness and diamonds – no altruism involved, both please!


With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team 

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