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The Alpha Edit

Posted on May 14 2020

Baroque Rocks

The Alpha Edit
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin' 


Darling All 

Despite Downing Street’s recent mixed messages, our Covid-caveat remains constant:  to provide a light literary escapism blended with some brilliant Alpha beats!!  There has been much made during lockdown that we “Wanna be startin' somethin’” like that elusive side hustle!  Reality though is prestidigitation: earning and learning whilst steering through circadian civilian shit shows (home-schooling anyone????)!!  We’ve therefore, chosen to take back control with our “Own It” mantra and armed with these words we decided to ply ourselves with sparkling spirit lifters!!

Kutchinsky Ruby & Diamond Ring
Click to ‘Hypnotize’!

If you have done a first-class effort in your chosen endeavour and have veritably taken Gold (this absolutely includes the usage of crisp expletives) then reward yourselves with some serious outré accessories!!!  A Kutchinsky cocktail with enough ice to make you contemplate giving up necking gin of an eve!

Garrard Pink Tourmaline Knightrider Cross Pendant
Click to get ‘Treasure’!

Or if you have slayed the super-market queues / super brat squabbles what about the Garrard Sword from the Knight Rider Collection?  “My goodness large isn’t the word, it’s enormous!”

1976 Moneypenny Vessel Pendant
Click for ‘Wanna be startin' somethin'

To take first place: literally be the reflection of perfection, the number one selection! Highlighting this fascinating fact is this unique 1976 Money Penny vessel!! This is not just some shiny gewgaw, as the kindly Bank of England will replace the note with coinage should you wish!  Style it up on a long chain Marilyn!

Express Yourself
Click to 'Express Yourself'
Recently Baroque Rocks sold a cocktail ring which our brilliantly pithy client renamed as the ‘Coronovirus Corker’!!  So, in that vein if you deem yourself to be quite the Quarantine Queen, then issue diktats waggling your finger with this superfly sparkler!
Italian Round Pearl Cabochon Diamond Earrings
Click to 'Own It'!
Sometimes there is serious need for a secret sartorial weapon (Spanx up your life) like these oversized Diamond and Pearl earrings which will most certainly deter from nether regions.  Apparently if you own your imperfections, they become your asset……….. Warren Buffet would agree!
Gold Glorious Gold: 1977 Back to School Blackboard Pendant
Click 'You Can Do It'

Finally for those who have delighted in finding their Superpower…………..apparently when one teaches, two learn!  Show off your She-Ra mathematical skills with this high impact gold blackboard 1970s pendant, designed to distract and inspire!!! 

So, in the words of our indomitable sovereign “Never Give Up!” Take full advantage of the panoply of aforementioned treasures to elevate and reward, remembering that the subtleties of modern glamour require a large dosage of ice!  

Stay safe, stay sane, stay sparkling! 

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team 

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