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The Be3Al2(SiO3)6 Edit

Posted on March 13 2019

Baroque Rocks

The Be3Al2(SiO3)6 Edit:
How good is your Chemistry?

Darling All 

We promise we haven’t gone all Breaking Bad* on you!  Instead pour yourselves that cup of March ambition, play Florence and the Machine’s cover song “You’ve got the love” ludicrously loudly and mull over what on earth the chemical formula Be3Al2(SiO3)6 stands for!  

The Combined Science GCSE paper certainly didn’t cover such seemingly coded gibberish, but we assure you it is of the greatest relevance as this is the chemical code for the astounding Aquamarine (not to mention the elegant Emerald, the heavenly Heliodor, the glorious Goshenite and the marvellous Morganite!).  Thought to be the treasure of Mermaids, the Aquamarine is part of the Beryl family, March’s birthstone and purported to quicken the intellect!!  

Astounding Aquamarine, Diamond and Seed Pearl BroochAstounding Aquamarine and Pink Garnet 1970s RingAstounding Aquamarine 1970s Sputnik Ring
Click for an intelligence boost!

We may be as mad as March hares here at Baroque Rocks, but with our own heightened intellect, thanks to being bedecked in Aquas, we have discovered in our research that this gemstone has a cache of healing powers to it, inclusive of eternal youth!  So, when reading an article in a weekend mag, extolling the virtues of some high-tech/-expense treatment to enliven wizened hands where blood is extracted, whizzed around in a magi-mix a la The Great British Bake Off, then re-injected together with a large dose of acid Acid Face, we wanted to briefly mention that axiom of aesthetics!  

Aesthetically the Aquamarine is a gemstone of absolute redolent beauty and according to one of the numerous, yes numerous, crystal websites we trawled for you, it is a “wonderful crystal for beautifying the body because it encourages self-respect, inner peace and the special formula for eternal youth…”  Got to Love a site that spouts scientific formulas such as: “Wear more Jewels = Look Younger!”  Where do we sign up?  Pain levels zero, blood platelets that remain firmly in one’s body whilst your mitts emit an everlasting glow!!! 

The Aquamarine inherently rocks on: looks, healing, intellect and a magnificently majestic level!!  So, whether you are looking to soak in some of the Aquamarine’s soothing energies or steeping yourself in its vitreous visual pleasure, Spring is an excellent excuse to add yet another joyful piece to your treasure trove.  Does it / Will it “Spark Joy?”**  HELL YES!!!  

Anyway, if you don’t believe in crystal quackery then look at it intellectually, the Aquamarine is an “azured” blue chip investment!  And just before we sign off, lest we forget Mothering Sunday is right round, the corner: 31st March……………


With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team 

*Popular series on Netflix – must watch unless you aren’t one for heart palpitations.

**Coined quote from Marie Kondo – how to re-clutter your life or was it de-clutter? Jewels don’t count as clutter!

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