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The Beach Wear Edit: Nuanced Embellishment

Posted on August 12 2019

Baroque Rocks
The Beach Wear Edit:
Nuanced Embellishment

Darling All 

August!  London is effectively empty, bar for literally zillions of Sterling arbitraging tourists and those few that are still stuck in airless offices!!  Hats off though, as multi-tasking is a talent:  counting down the days until the great summer getaway, contemplating the epic de-forestation one is going to wreak on one’s body together with a reminder to do some ab-crunches at the water cooler!

Body beautiful, mentally checked off, now onto what to clad ourselves in for the great escape!  Think beach wear is just a bikini or a suggestive one-piece in preferably err black?  Then think again!  There are, all manner of adornments to consider and thus Baroque Rocks has been on a bejewelled Odyssey to bring you a few bijoux style essentials.

Transport you to the Ionian Sea
Click to transport you to the Ionian Sea

If you are off to one of those enviably sought-after Ionian islands, where the houses are whiter than white, the sand is golden and the sea is a tantalising blue, you will be in need for some poolside bling!  Effortlessly emulate the Greek Goddess vibe with wafty whites, and for a little nuanced embellishment go for gold and sparkling blue Topazes!!

Blaze of Golden Glory
Click to emerge in a Blaze of Golden Glory

Ecru hues are apparently all the rage but those shoreside shades of neutral can be lifted with a liberal hit of gold.  We are talking going all GOLD baby: large hoops, teensy weensy bamboo huggies and a 1977 ingot necklace!  It will certainly ensure an entrance: emerge in a blaze of golden glory and perhaps don a pair of Bon Jovi cowboys to boot!

Click to make waves!
Click to make waves!

Whilst we pause for reflection, and to avoid having to act out passages of My family and Other Animals whilst on the island, make a note to book an elegant vessel that sees you sun seeking around the scalloped coastline!!  You will certainly be making waves, wearing a pair of these naughty nautical gold hoops (choose between large or medium – aye, aye captain!) and you shall certainly sparkle in the sunshine with this 1970s Lapis Lazuli and Diamond necklace!

Insouciant Edge!
Click for that insouciant edge!

Back on terra firma, show your metal by indulging in the summer stack of bracelets and bangles!  Gold arm candy, to give you that little insouciant edge!!  Matched with a pair of nineties gold earrings and a panama hat!

Baroque Rocks has conferred with the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus and brought you a helpful beachwear edit of glittering objects of desire, so go on get “yer” rocks on Calypso!

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

PS Keeping that sunshine state of mind, but looking beyond the ouzo clear waters, to London Fashion Week we wanted to give you a quick reminder about The Jewellery Cut Live!  Entrance is free but you must book your tickets or send us an email!  Come and see us!!

The Jewellery Cut Live Tickets
Click to become bedizened in jewels

PPS To keep you powering through August we have helpfully added Bon Jovi’s Blaze of Glory (1990)

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