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The Dapper Don's Edit: Quixotic Pearly Kings!!!

Posted on June 10 2021

Baroque Rocks

The Dapper Don's Edit:
Quixotic Pearly Kings!!!


Darling All 

Well Hello Summer!! Jubilant June sunshine has us all aglow and agog as to whether we are “tilting at windmills” with new variants and thereby forced to sell the family silver for a trip to Center Parcs instead of the much anticipated, Sangria-soaked Spanish sun. Whilst all this gets hotly debated, one date that remains a constant is the 20th June, Father’s Day. So, for this edit we have decided to become the Knight Errant reviving the fortunes of all the poor old Dr Dres out there (Father / Fah / Pa / Padre / Dr Dre* – and linguistic derivatives thereof) who would ordinarily be served up some utterly uninspiring unspun socks and not even from Spike Milligan’s Chicken’s Laundry**!!! Normally we eschew the cancel culture but when it comes to socks, we are most definitely jumping on the woke bandwagon favouring glittering details that go hand in hand with structured clothing (read suits)which, by the way, are being once again heralded by fashion doyens on the down low!

Initial Encounters! 

Click for Initial Encounters!

For when the office beckons and a proper shirt is a must (like wearing tails to a wedding….), we have the perfect jewel aspect gift! Wrist management that ensures the recipient is “cuffed” to bits! Quite simply a timeless essential for any discerning chap's wardrobe, ringing in the retro vibes!

Wrist Management
Click for wrist management!

Let him know his dazzling dope status by celebrating haute-streetwear with a Diamond Signet Ring…… and a “passport to refreshment.” Put simply: “It’s the sign of good taste!” (Got to love Coke’s taglines)

1990s Diamond Signet Ring

Click to be achingly cool!

For the gentleman who has everything…. a Gold Penknife, or two, to slice that lime and lemon for a thirst-quenching G&T? Cutting Edge Cool!

Gold and Steel Penknife Pendant

Click to be the sharpest!

Nothing is as pleasurable as pulling on a good Cuban! Etiquette dictates one must have the right smoking swag – you know all the gear and the right idea? Functional hardware and solid gold and steel at that!! Cigar piercers are all the rage, to be styled on a long chain!!  ‘Aeratoringly’ awesome!

Cigar Accoutrements

Click to be smoking hot!

Should he ever need to cash in the chips and pay the mounting bills, this £1 Note Pendant states “In emergency break glass” & the Bank of England will oblige! Such sterling noblesse!

1976 Moneypenny Vessel Pendant

Click to be in the money!

We don’t need to remind you that one simply doesn’t indulge in oysters in June!! Opt instead for the organic flow of Pearls! True harbingers of style, think Harry Styles with his solitary pearl earring to the Royals etceterah, etceterah!! They certainly give you that healthy lustre for life! For the Pearly King, gift generously and pilfer later!!! A tactic tried and tested – take it from us!

Pearl Collection at Baroque Rocks

Click to be the harbingers of style!

As you have gotten this far in our pearls of piffle we would like to offer a small sunshine treat of 10% off the website until the end of June. 

(Type in NOSOCKS at checkout)!

For the sake of the Dapper Dons out there choose the quixotic path “don’t surrender dreams – this may be madness!!”***  Go forth and banish socks opting instead for Baroque Rocks!!  

Stay sparkling!

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

* Dr Dre genius rapper and businessman
** Unspun Socks from a Chicken’s Laundry by Spike Milligan (book of nonsense comic verse)
*** “Don’t surrender dreams – this may be madness!!” from Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes

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