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The Ice Vice Baby Edit: Smokin' & Drinkin'

Posted on October 15 2020

Baroque Rocks

The Ice Vice Baby Edit
Smokin' & Drinkin'


Darling All 

As we welcome in October, we decided to centre this edit on the 10pm curfew and what glorious things one can get up to before Boris’ bedtime edict!!  But first, please answer us this: 

Are you unusually aged?

There is no need for ID, nor is this top shelf material but it is strictly for adult’s eyes only!! 

We were thinking of creating a refined version of the brilliantly coined ‘Turbo Lash’ where one can enjoy a Dirty Martini or two and the deeply pleasurable pull on one of Cuba’s finest!!  Picture if you will, the heady glamour of Mayfair’s Hertford Street and it’s sagacious smoking terrace: an abundance of cocktails in liquid and rock form, atmosphere thick with slick rhythms and giddy percolating plumes of smoke from plant-based specimens purportedly rolled on the thighs of virgins (cigars are 100% vegan don’t you know!)!  Pure intoxicating hedonism!!  In the event of a looming second tier lockdown, worry not as we have just the right affectations to re-create this speakeasy-esque satisfaction in the comfort of your own home!  


Ice Vice Baby

Click for Ice Vice Baby

Turn up the tunes, and dress for the occasion!!  Don dazzling Diamond winged collar tips – excellent way to stay sartorially cool under the collar whilst sporting large bombé-tastic “tell me fantastic” rings!  It’s all about the ‘Ice Vice Baby’!  Next, elect your cocktail of choice, such as a fancy 15 carats of Blue Topaz sprinkled with half a dozen dazzling Diamonds!!

Choose your Cocktail!
Click to choose your Cocktail!

 Or if a spirit lifting libation is required opt for 007 Rose Gold Martini Picks cum Tie Pins which are just screaming to be added to the optics of a Dirty Martini “DM”!!!   These are clearly, Victorian Rose Gold Tie Pins and there are five of the beauties in the most exquisite box!  So, upcycle your sleuth credentials by shaking up five DMs and adorn in Gold fingered style!!

N.B. The lesser spotted vintage bottle of Angostora Bitters c.1990s, pictured in the image below, though wonderfully aged, is unfortunately NFS!!!

Martini picks
Click for Martini picks

All the gear and boy do we have the right idea!!!  Whilst we do not profess to be Cigar Connoisseurs, nor do we wish to endorse the vice of thoroughly enjoying a puff on a magnificent Montecristo, we do want to take on the seasoned enthusiast together with the uninitiated underdog as we have a trove of achingly cool accoutrements!!

Achingly cool!
Click to be Smoking Hot!

First up are these funky Fifties Gold Aerator Pendants!! Style on a long chain to be ‘aeratoringly’ awesome!  Fast forward a decade and throw some shapes to that irresistible riff from the Kinks “Oh yeah, you really got me now… Got me so I can’t sleep at night!”  One seriously needs this sexy Sixties Cigar Cutter disc, jockeying into our lives with its sharp as hell blade!!  Kinky!  Should you prefer to indulge in the art of a gentle screw, then our swanky Seventies Cigar Piercer Pendant is just for you!!!  Channel your inner Bond (be it Bond Girl or James himself) with this super slick, suave perforator - ‘tis the gold standard and Q would be proud!  And to answer the burning question: we can even furnish you with a lighter – circa a 1970s Dunhill one at that!!! How’z that for a sneak peek at our Smokin’ Swag?

Time at the Bar
Click for Time at the Bar

Finally, as we call ‘Time at the Bar’ during our not so sober October, we would like to remind one to please ingest responsibly and yet of course stylishly, with great turbo lashings of gold and retro rocks!  Remember its all about the Ice Vice Baby!

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

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