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The Intelligent Investor Edit: The Scintillating Sybarite Sequel!!!

Posted on November 28 2023

Baroque Rocks

The Intelligent Investor Edit:
The Scintillating Sybarite Sequel!!!


Darling All

Well our maven magpies, you’ve had the “Stocking Filler Edit” and now we are onto the scintillating sybarite sequel with rocks that will be the ‘fête accompli’ this Christmas!  As ever Baroque Rocks is here to set the shining example which is timeless by nature but bang on trend!!  Rather like De Beer’s we too are “Carpe-ing the Diamonds” and thanks to their USD 20 million advertising budget this Christmas they’ve goosed the market!! Thus, we the intelligent investors are showcasing stackable rings along with oodles of these coruscating fire-crackers that will have each and every one of us burning with brilliance in a shower of shimmering light!!


Diamond Waterfall Circular Gold Sliding Necklace
Click for "Natures mic drop!"

First up is literally “Natures mic drop” – a necklace created from rings of gold with a waterfall of brilliant Diamonds!!!  Tantalisingly talismanic to boot, for the sacred geometry of a circle symbolises protection and harmony, whilst the cascading Diamonds celebrates love and prosperity.  So, seize the day and the Diamonds with effortless élan and shine oh so bright!!

Next, we ostend opulent digit decadence with stacking rings that embrace a multi-hyphenate approach!  Back in 2003 De Beers launched their “Raise Your Right Hand” campaign showcasing design led layering, yep stackable rings with a catchy one liner “Your Right Hand Rules The World!!”  Think simplicity to statement, solo to stacked, epitomising vintage vibrant versatility for all the avant-glam enthusiasts!!!

Dazzling Duet of Rubellite Tourmaline Stacking Rings 2006

Click for radical revelry!

For the dual jewel, this dazzling duo of roseating rufescent Rubellite Tourmalines make quite the stylish solitaire statement!!  Ringing the changes these whopping gemstones can be worn on their own or together for radical revelry!!!
The Sundance Talisman White Gold Stacking Rings

Click for talismanic Sundance!

Next up is our Sundance Talismanic threesome foursome!!! Three in one yes, but featuring four precious gemstones from Emeralds, to Rubies to Sapphires whilst Diamonds disco dance, weaving a spellbinding Sundance narrative of love, luck and strength!!  White hot brilliance!

The Tubogas Trio Tri-Gold Stacking Rings
Click for turbo-charging!

Then we go turbo charged with a trio of rings in Rose, White and Yellow gold.  Showcasing, the Tubogas Gas-pipe technique that Bvlgari championed from the Seventies seamlessly blending timeless craftsmanship with modern self-expression.  Literally celebrate magnificence!

Quatre Quartet Diamond, Emerald, Ruby& Sapphire Stacking Rings
Click for gems of rarity!

Finally with regards to our stackable sparklers we have the Quatre Quartet Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Sapphires Stacking Rings!  Radiant rendition of rings featuring the power of four maxim!  The quartet creates a statement stack for the bold and eclectic aesthetic.  Celebrate one’s iconic individuality, by curating one’s own unique combination to bedazzle all around!!

Articulated Happy Heartfelt Diamond Necklace
Click for Nature's Masterpieces!

Unearthing nature’s masterpieces is very much our calling and without further ado here is our awesomely articulated Happy Heartfelt Diamond Necklace which is literally love at first sight!  Shake those Diamonds Darlings – yes they really move!!! We are very, very taken with this piece, so take heart, Diamonds really are forever!

As ever Baroque Rocks is here to literally “gift” up your spirits with niche ideas of wanton indulgence for Christmas, we literally are the recycling Rebel without the Claus and totally ‘sleighing’ it with splendiferous, sparkling, sybaritism!!!!

Merry Christmas one and all!

Stay tuned for the “The Independent Spirit Edit” our guide to alternative Christmas present buying which will be coming out soon.

Stay sparkling!
With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

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The Sundance Talisman White Gold Stacking Rings Dazzling Duet of Rubellite Tourmaline Stacking Rings 2006
The Tubogas Trio Tri-Gold Stacking Rings

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