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The Isolation Beats Edit

Posted on April 20 2020

Baroque Rocks

The Isolation Beats Edit
Lockdown’s Sparkling Grooves


Darling All 

Being in week whatever of lockdown, creativity has not been cancelled, in fact, inspired ingenuity has prevailed!!!  Harking back to the days of chicken headed dance struts whilst listening to one’s Walkman, where mixtapes were deemed so consummately cool; such heady nostalgia spurred us to create Baroque Rocks’ Isolation Beats!!!  The idea of mixing up tunes with pick me up fripperies to bring a grooving sparkle to lockdown!

Stardust Hourglass Necklace
Click for ‘Times They Are A Changin’!

First up: an hour-glass pendant necklace with diamond dust a flowin’ to while away time in style!  Literally a ‘Love Lockdown’!

The Bracelet Stack
Click to get ‘Loaded’!

Featuring next on our consciously curated hot list is the bracelet stack!!  Choose between a tantalizing topaz and amethyst torque; a swinging sixties bamboo bangle, a heartfelt bracelet and a Chimento beaded beaut!  Play tunes, and “if you’ll just rattle your jewellery” as the Beatles bantered it will all ‘Come Together’!!

Cornucopia of Colour: Sputnik Ring
Click for ‘Blinding Lights’!

To go with all our eclectic offerings, this bunch of pop rocks in the form of a disco ball ring will take you jamming into the ‘Weeknd’!

1975 Dazzling Diamond and Lapis Lazuli Necklace
Click for ‘Heroes’!

Sizzle and insinuate without neglecting the groove by smoothly fusing club and soul in the form of this Seventies necklace lauded with lapis lazuli, deftly decorated with diamonds, brought to a rousing ovation by our incredible Monarch!  As Her Majesty stated a few weeks back, “We will succeed …. and better days will come….”  Until that time, we can but ground ourselves and our jewels in retro futuristic beats, that are ready to own their own future – preferably around our neck!

Gold Glorious Gold: 1970s Champagne Bottle & Bucket Pendant
Click for ‘’The Sun’!

Finally, do open a bottle of sparkling something – we recommend this fine 1973 vintage – and play the sound of the lockdown: Baroque Rocks’ barrage of brilliant beats! 

Stay safe, stay sane, stay sparkling! 

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team 

PS If you’ve refuted Harvard’s free online courses then may we recommend that you perfect the Running Man dance!!!  This 16 beat rhythmic classic hip hop move can be done on the spot, great for young and old alike and “makes me say oh my Lord, Thank you for blessing me with a mind to rhyme and two hype feet”!! MC Hammer was the sensational sensei for this with "U Can't Touch This".

PPS If you Click on the playlists below it will take you to Spotify; (alternatively you can hear our banging tunes here on YouTube: Side A and Side B) . 

Isolation Beats The A SideIsolation Beats The B Side

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