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The Leap Year Edit

Posted on February 07 2020

Baroque Rocks

The Leap Year Edit:
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Darling All 

Not only are we in a new decade but 2020 is also a Leap Year!  Which means, and we have on good authority, women may get down on bended knee and drag, their Prince Charming to the chapel of “lurve”!!  Leading the charge of the bling brigade, Poundland having been obviously listening to Little Mix’s Black Magic lyrics: “Said he loves you.  But he ain't got time.  Here's the answer.  Come and get it At a knocked down price…” have released the Man Band for “loved up ladies on a budget.”  Did you know that this time last year they flogged 20,000 bling rings, each for a saucepan’s lid!  Not to be outdone, we too have decided to take the glittering leap and spread the love – well it is that time of year! 

Click for the Chapel of Lurve!!
Click for the Chapel of Lurve!!

General etiquette stipulates “Ladies first” but this time as its Leap Year we thought we would showcase some of our own “man bands!”  Always “En Vogue” we have a bobby dazzler of an Eighties barked Diamond ring for your “Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty good man!”  If you are proposing to your very own Patrick Swayze perhaps pop the question with this barked Onyx Seventies Signet whilst playing “Love Man” (remember you are Jennifer Grey - just don’t say you carried a watermelon!!!)

Click for the Man Bands!!Click for the Man Bands!!
Click for the Man Bands!!

Should rings not be his thing, what about a Diamond tie pin?  Fabulous, multifunctional piece…………the end is rather sharp, excellent to administer a short sharp poke, should he not be sharing the remote control!

Click for a Diamond of a poking!!
Click for a Diamond of a poking!!

Spreading the love is also about self-love and if one of your new year’s resolutions was to do just that, then treat yourself to a 1971 LOVE Keys necklace – “loving yourself isn’t vanity its sanity!”

Click for one love!!

Click for one love!!

And whilst you are tickled pink by this notion, what about a Cabochon Pink Tourmaline ring for one’s delightful self?

Click for self-gifting!!
Click for self-gifting!!

Finally, if you are a Bob Marley fan, we take his words as gospel: “one love, one heart”!  For the minimalists among you, a Diamond heart necklace!!  For the ONE, whoever that may be, a One Pound Sterling note encased in a locket with the words “In Emergency Break Glass!”  (Those nice peeps at the Bank of England will happily swap you for a £1 – literally quids in with this number!!!).   And if you wear your heart on your sleeve, add a little corazon to your wrist stack!  So, wear it “altogether and feel alright!”

If guilt is raising its quizzical head, then just look to the great literary genius, that is Oscar Wilde: “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance!!”  We say start the new decadence decade as you mean to go on but let’s not beat about the bush, we all know the poet made you do it!

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

PS Treasures shot on Rose Quartz hearts; they are available too (not on the website though).

PPS Ten tracks for your Love Shack!!

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