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The New Decade Edit

Posted on January 12 2020

Baroque Rocks

The New Decade Edit:
Strike a Pose: Vogue

Darling All 

HAPPY NEW DECADE: “Strike a pose! Vogue, Vogue, Vogue!”  Father Christmas seriously delivered early!!  The veritable Bible of Fashion that is British Vogue featured not one, not two but THREE pieces from the Baroque Rocks treasure trove, alongside jewellery legends Belperron, Bentley & Skinner, Chanel, Christian Dior, Theo Fennell and Tassoni!  A tremendous, thank you to Carol Woolton a true fine jewellery connoisseur! 

Vogue Article

With Yuletide intemperance, doffing our cap chiefly to the Patron Anejo Gold, for the consumption of umpteen vintage gold slammers (much better than the fiery muck one was partial to during the wonder years of underage drinking, though Southern Comfort or Malibu may have assumed that mantle), January somewhat heralds a drive for clean living and our resolutions are wonderfully woke and seriously wellness worthy!!  Ours, no doubt like your own, take the form of exercising into an endorphin nirvana, ingesting vegan grub a la Greggs / Golden Globes and like the desert, gone blue agave dry!!  No wonder they talk about the January blues!!!!  To perk ourselves up we have thus created our own well-being regime.

Click for a screwing!

Regain that healthy lustre for life with these 14K screw back pearl earrings! Splendid for virginal lobes, not to mention the harbingers of Spring / Summer 2020!

Finger weights
Click for finger weights!

Imparting further pearls of wisdom: exercise your digits with these finger weights!!  Diamonds to spark your brilliance and pearls to give you that post work out iridescent glow!

Click for time at the bar!
Time at the Bar, no not the last-minute stampede to get your ‘SnakeyB’* but time to up your performance: a weighty T Bar vintage 9K gold necklace to ensure maxims of sartorial exertion!

Golden balls!
Click for golden balls status!

Metamorphosise from a festive chrysalis and be the golden balls!  An excellent New Year’s resolution!!  Apparently, this bracelet will help improve one’s neuromuscular coordination, just rotate your wrist looking it at it in wonder!  

Now, if your vestal January resolutions are already ricocheting off piste: “in the light, in the dark, When my engine lost its spark,” “don’t worry about a thing, ‘cause every little thing gonna be alright!!”  Definitely DO NOT scoff that chocolate bar, and in the words of Sampa the Great “Voila, baba, I'm a be bold I'm a be strong, I'm a be gold”!!! 

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team 

* A SnakeyB – a perfectly filthy concoction!!! Its proper name, to jog your memories is Snake Bite & Black with delightful ingredients such as Guiness, Cider and Ribena!!  

PS Music to put you in fine fettle! 

  1. “Vogue” Madonna 1990
  2. “Paved with Gold” Sampa the Great 2017
  3. “Diamonds and Pearls” Prince 1991
  4. “Three Little Birds” Bob Marley 1980

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