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The Pectoral Pleasures Edit

Posted on May 26 2019

Baroque Rocks

The Pectoral Pleasures Edit:
Otherwise Known as Necklaces!


Darling All

After some dazzling rays that warmed May’s cockles, our thoughts are permeated by Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince’s Summertime: “Drums please….summer, summer, summer time….the way that people respond to summer madness” and the daunting realisation that YES, sooner or later the British heat will get the better of us and we are going to have to bare the flesh!! Thank god though for that marvellous addition to the billion-dollar beauty industry of FakeBake!!! It is copyrighted and rightly so, as it gives you that golden glow without the Nineties orange “you’ve been tangoed” / the only way is Towie look. Did you know that this fabulous stuff hides the dappled adornment that cellulite graces most of us with!!! Beyond the pale, utter FakeBake’d genius in our book, just can’t believe we are so late to the party!

To add to one’s sun kissed look we wanted to showcase a few perfect pectoral pleasures, sun themed necklaces to bring a smile!

The gold Coke-Cola bottle necklace
Click for Vitamin D: "Pure as sunlight" (1927 slogan)

First up is the gold Coke-Cola bottle necklace – so ‘oldskool’ and so immeasurably “the sign of good taste” (1965 slogan) for which you certainly “Can’t beat the feeling” (1987 slogan)!  To be honest “Coke knows no season” (1947 slogan) so this necklace can be worn, errrr, whenever!

Click for the Maldives

Next up, if you are dreaming of taking a scuba diving trip in the Maldives to spy sea-life sensations, be sure you are dressed for those aquamarine waters!!  Layer the Salacia (Neptune’s wife) pendant on a long necklace with the shorter Turquoised eyed Fish c. late 1970s necklace!  Alternatively opt to keep your carbon footprint eau de nil by gracing a friend with benefits’ house: swimming pool benefits mind – heated ones – 29 degrees at least!!!

Click for the Polo

Well we have now covered the surf but what about the turf?  The Rizzle Kicks rendition of Summertime “when the sun comes out, no place I’d rather be than London town” and so true with Polo in the Park coming up!!  So, what about this divine equine?  A thoroughbred 1970s stallion to bedeck your clavicles… “Straight British vibes:” Don a panama hat and you will be hot to trot! 

And finally, what about shoring up your Summer of Love with this Love necklace!!! Channel your inner flower child whilst shamelessly professing that Mr Big in Sex in the City gave it to you!

Love Necklace
Click for "Summers natural aphrodisiac"

We know its only May but it’s the tail end.  June, July and August are literally at the starter stalls and:

“it’s like the summers a natural aphrodisiac, and with a pen and pad I compose this rhyme to hit you and get you equipped for the summertime…”

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team 

PS The Coca Cola'd up Stallion and Fish necklaces are now available, not in the Maldives but much closer to home in another piece of paradise at The Shop at Bluebird in Covent Garden!!

PPS We have helpfully added the links to these songs for added happiness!  

  1)  Summertime song by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince May 1991: Click here
  2)  Summertime song by Rizzle Kicks & DJ Jazzy Jeff 2015: Click here

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