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The Pendant Edit: Game Reserve

Posted on October 31 2018

Baroque Rocks

“The Pendant Edit": Game Reserve

Darling All

Welcome to our bijoux game reserve, where we will act as your guide to jaw droppingly exquisite and extraordinary wildlife!  

Spotted in the menagerie:
1) A dazzling diamond eyed lion with a richly ripped lapis lazuli chest!  King of the beasts!
2) A most majestic elephant.  The Gold Standard of the herd!
3) A ravishing ruby and diamond eyed golden chick!  Utterly unique!  Le chick c’est chic! 
4) A gold Penguin.  Quite simply the Emperor of birds!
5) A bejewelled collar wearing cat, with enticing emerald eyes!  Queen of the felines! 

‘Curious and curiouser’ maybe, but Baroque Rocks’ sartorial summit certainly runs the gamut from wild to wearable with these pendants!

“The Pendant Edit”:  Game Reserve

Viewing is free, just click on the imagery but heavy petting of the animals is actively discouraged, unless you really can’t help it and then we may have to forcibly coerce you into doing a little bijoux buying…. 

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

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