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The Pink Edit: Captivating Catnip!!!

Posted on May 10 2021

Baroque Rocks

The Pink Edit:
Captivating Catnip!!!


Darling All 

All hail the darling buds of May, the month of merriment with its two bank holidays colliding with a smidgeon more freedom in the Roadmap stakes!  Spring is in full bloom with the Goddess Maia presiding over the green shoots of verdant vitality whilst nurturing rejuvenating energies of pink petals!  How timely then that the fabled salmon pages recently ran an excellent article on colour, where runway trends are the results of colour prophecies created by forecasting agencies such as WGSN and Pantone.  These hugely profitable divinations get distributed globally to fabric mills etceterahhh, etceterahh!!  The ending result that this month has been declared fifty shades of pink to make all gender fluidities wink!  Well, ‘tis according to the colour shrinks the unprecedented hue of happiness and hope that will fill you with irrepressible joy!!  Get ready to revel in pink powered pleasures, as seen in the style bible that is VOGUE!  Yes, we thought we would shamelessly slip in that we have been featured in, the Trends section, full of “Vivid Detail, flashes of embellishment…from great to extraordinary!”  Go pick up your copy, but first peruse our pink uber trendy prose!


But first, a nod to Emerald as it is May’s birthstone and as literally “nothing greens greener,” behold the bold Extraordinary Emerald and Diamond Honeycomb Cocktail Ring.  “Very superstitious, Writings on the wall…”  This is one helluva Great Goddess of a ring, dated 1973!!  Did you know the number thirteen is regarded as the sacred essence of luck and good fortune and the number six is fortuitous too!! And yup we have thirteen exquisite Emeralds and six dazzling Diamonds, enveloped in a honey combed gold flank!  “Bee” bold and flaunt this Seventies statement of splendid splendour!! 

Extraordinary Emerald and Diamond Honeycomb Cocktail Ring
Click for The Great Goddess!!

As you have all been waiting patiently, with no doubt bated breath, feast your eyes upon our pink line-ups!  Light up the room and luminesce in this Pink and Green Trillion Tourmaline Dress Ring.  Punky pinks and groovy greens that will sure turn up the heat in the style stakes!!  Lest we forget, Tourmalines are tremendous at promoting prosperity and inspiring happiness and self-confidence too!!!

Pink & Green Trillion Tourmaline Dress Ring

Click To Luminesce!

Next do marvel at this marvellous Morganite and Sapphire Cocktail Ring!!  Experience the effects of Divine Love through Morganite’s powerful gemstone channelling!  It will help with any heart palpitations you may experience but our advice is simply to FLAUNT this seductive Seventies super-hero and watch as you conquer the universe!  Pssst this 1974 beauty originally sported an Opal which we swapped out for a Morganite, bringing the ring to another level of delight, whilst doffing our caps to the gentleman with the mighty Midas touch JP Morgan!!

Magnificent Morganite & Sapphire Cocktail Ring 1970s

Click For The Midas Touch!!

For a hot popping pink fix, opt for this cabaret cabochoned number enhanced with circular golden ridges!  Rather blushingly, we are coveting this Pink Tourmaline ring and may not let it go!

Pink Tourmaline Ring

Click For Popping Pink Fix!!

As we continue with our tinted trope of trendy pinks, a jewel helping of Pink Jadeite and Pink Garnet is quite the captivating catnip!  Yes, the Jadeite “superstar” ring that really ought to become a permanent fixture on one’s finger!  Seriously Candyfloss cool and bang on Vogue!!

Pink Jadeite and Pink Garnet Gold Ring

Click For Cativating Catnip!!

If you need a piece that can be worn from dawn ‘til dusk, why not go for a raspberry beret of rubies with this Radiant Ruby Rope Ring - gosh how’s that for an alliteration!  A ring which can be interwoven into your day and can be worn to breakfast, lunch and sups!  Feasting thrice a day on 9 rubies!  Fancy!!

Radiant Ruby Rope Ring

Click For A Raspberry Beret Of Rubies!!

Going from berries to blooms, up next is a Ruby and Diamond Flower Cocktail Ring that propagates Flower Power exuberance: pyro pink Rubies and white-hot Diamonds make for a horti-cocktail floral fantasy! Maximalism all the way we say!!

Ruby & Diamond Flower Cocktail Ring
Click For A Horti-Cocktail Floral Fantasy!!

Finally, we present the Radiant Ruby 1970s Dress Ring.  It’s all about the Seventies concave chic effect, 1972 to be specific, where peppered pink Rubies up the funk for this seriously unique eclectically cool Ring!!   Elevate mind, spirit and outfit with these offbeat and synthed up Rubies!!!  These beauties have the same chemical composition but not hoiked out of the ground nor possess flaws and the even bigger upside means the piece is a little more financially responsible on the old poche!

Radiant Ruby 1970s Dress Ring

Click For A Dose of Eclectic Extravagance!!

Having now completed a deft exercise in showcasing scene stealers for our May Edit, we have ticked all the planet positive boxes but also shown our global soothsaying knowledge in the power of pink!  Eight happy hued, haute bohemian, ravishing rarities which are seriously hip to trip!!!  Gift yourselves a Pink Ticket for an almighty splurge!

Stay safe, stay sane, stay sparkling!

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

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