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The Retro Refresh Edit: Hello 2022!!!

Posted on January 18 2022

Baroque Rocks

The Retro Refresh:
Hello 2022!


Darling All 

We closed 2021 with a complete Covid coshing, and we heartily apologise for the in-absentia Christmas greetings etc, so literally floored were we that even the most delectable jewels failed to titillate the tastebuds!  But we are back so HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR and a mighty HELLO 2022 we have a retro refresh just for you!!!  A hat trick of pulsating pink pleasures which are so on trend just look at the collab of Balmain x Barbie tempered with jet set cool blues, we are talking massive rocks to literally knock the socks off any January blues.


Pink Bubblegum Pink Tourmaline Ring

Click for pink pleasure!

First up we have a Bubblegum Pink Tourmaline Ring, pure popping provocation!! 

Pink Ruby Cactus Ring
Click for a sixties succulent sensation!

If Rubies are more your thing what about a Hot Pink Ruby Cactus Ring?  Succumb to this succulent Sixties scorcher in cocktail cactus form!!!   So rivals any mezcal worth its salt!!  Almost worth going agave dry January!

Pink Topaz Marquise Cocktail Ring

Click for a Marquise cocktail!

And whilst you are basking in a dry state of virtue tempt yourself with a Barbie Pink Topaz Marquise Cocktail.  There are a sweet sixteen of them, all sparkling away with candy crush conviction, yep the colour of strength so bedeck yourself in a seriously outré cocktail’d up ring! Think Pink – you will be superstylin’ it up!  Ken would so approve!

 Gold Glorious Gold Large Mesh Hoops

Click for fresh mesh!

And just as a bit of a pink palate cleanser get those cheekbones glowing and go for power gold fresh mesh hoops!!!  Audaciously awesome!

Blue Topaz Bold Beat Ring 1972

Click for the bold sky blue beat!

Embrace January’s blues by marching to a brand-new vintage beat!!!  Bold Sky Blue Topaz is how it rolls!  Originally this ring had a dark red garnet but we swapped it for a trend setting Topaz – funk up with a 1972 sky blue hue!! Boom!! 


Blue Topaz Gargantuan Cocktail Ring 1992

Click for carats!

New year’s resolutions we’d advocate excelling with excess!!!  Behold The Glow Getter – and a gargantuan one at that!!!  We are talking a superb 25 Carat plus of glam rocked up Sky Blue Topaz!!!  One helluva Baroque Rocks!!!


Ceylon Blue Sapphire Gold Weave Necklace Ceylon Blue Sapphire Gold Weave Necklace 
Click for a splash of Ceylon Blue!

Finally for sheer sensational splendour, showcasing insane gold chevron weave with a smouldering sizeable Ceylon Sapphire is this magnificent and we mean magnificent necklace!!!  An absolute incredible feat of craftsmanship!  Opulence is where it’s at!

Our fil rouge for 2022 is to stand out in stupendous sparklers that have never been so satisfying, nor so sought after!!!

Stay sparkling!
With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team


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