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The Ring Edit: Sensational Seventies Schmucks

Posted on November 07 2018

Baroque Rocks

“The Ring Edit:"
Sensational Seventies Schmucks

Darling All

Showcasing some sensational Seventies Schmucks!  You will be forgiven if you presume that Baroque Rocks has finally gone off its rocker, hurling brutish insults at anyone who reads these musings!!  We have not, we assure you!! For those of you with a smattering of German will know it means JEWELLERY!  But, just one more time as we so delight in saying it:    

Schmuck!  Schmuck!  Schmuck!

Back to the matter in hand though, you may have noticed that currently there is a serious trend for all things Seventies.  And the below beautifully curated unique 1970s rings will resonate not only with you, fashionistas, but will also awake one’s individuality which may have been quietly slumbering in an all-black uniform that is winter’s attire!!

Rings at Baroque Rocks

So, with the spotlight firmly on this sexy, sultry era, Baroque Rocks is so ahead of the curve serving up a blend of magnificently rare modern vintage.   

We just want to know which Ring Tribe are you?

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team



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