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The Rocket Beats Edit

Posted on February 13 2020

Baroque Rocks

The Rocket Beats Edit:
Cocktail Collection

Darling All 

Below is a jewel of a short story we have written for the upcoming 
Jewellery Cut Live event which is being held at The Royal Institution.
Our treasures are the protagonists.

“Ah, Mr Bond we’ve been expecting you!”  The world’s most famous spy has a new mission: a motherlode of gold and funky gems has been discovered on Planet Baroque Rocks, the task: to cadge the cache back to her Majesty’s coffers!  A Diamond dust filled Gold Hourglass sets the clock ticking, Ziggy style, and ever debonair, the Commander climbs aboard a 1970s bejewelled golden Rocket.

Iconic gadget master Q, has armed the most beloved secret agent in cinematic history with essential accoutrements for the ride: a 1950s cigar aerator; a 1960s cigar piercer and a swizzle stick, to leave him “shaken, not stirred.

Cigar Aerator Pendant

Upon “reachin’ a new refutation of time and space” Bond is sucked into a most ‘Digable Planet,’ a luminous body, free from convention and full of individual, eye dazzling talent, and, shadows of his past!  Slick rhythms infuse a high-octane party atmosphere, with cosmic cocktails dripping off Baroque’s beauties (think Sapphires, Rubies, and Diamonds that are forever).  Pussy Galore, bedecked in feline fine jewels further enhances the heady glamour, whilst in the shadows Auric Goldfinger lurks….

Enormous Diamond, Lapis & Turquoise Cocktail Ring

Intoxicated, Bond puts a call into M to say, “Okay Houston, we have a problem. I’ve realised the ‘World is Not Enough’ and that ‘You only Live Twice’!  I want to retire here, surrounded by exquisite Emerald party people, grooving to the Baroque Rocks beat, free from the time and space continuum!  This is where I belong M, in a world of high carat colour and excellent music...”

1970s Emerald Cocktail Ring

A shot rings out, the reverie broken.  Our bastion of Britishness, suave and style, snaps out of it, sober, a cocktail ring hanging from every finger.... “No time to Die,” M, will call you back…………..

Rocket Beats Cocktail Collection is at once vintage, and futuristic.  A trove of sustainable riches that transcend eras; allowing for numerous seductions to happen along the way.

Stardust Hourglass Necklace

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team 

PS: “Digable” beats to take you to Planet Baroque Rocks:

Digable beats to take you to Planet Baroque Rocks

PS: “Word Up” remember to get your ticket for The Jewellery Cut Live or email

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