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The Stocking Edit: All Killer No Filler: For Under £200

Posted on December 12 2019

Baroque Rocks

The Stocking Edit:
All Killer No Filler: For Under £200

Darling All

It’s December!!!   One is officially allowed to feel Christmassy, rather like turning the heating on, on the 1st of November (let’s be honest we never really turned it off, except maybe when we forgot to during the heatwave and the house became a sauna)!!  Yuletide songs are blaring, and you find yourself singing along with gusto as if you are the finalist in X Factor whilst having a mild panic that you are going to have to join the masses for the present buying scrum!  

To save you that awful fluster; below is a quick edit of jewels that won’t cost the earth and are perfect to go in those stockings together with a couple of gold chocolate coins to keep up our sugar levels and a few of those easy peelers purely so one doesn’t die from scurvy – just gluttony - on Christmas Day!!

Click for your baubles!!

With Christmas warblings on repeat it is good for the soul, not to mention sanity to inject some old school American Hip Hop, so “Pay attention now, Say Hoops upside your Head, say Hoops upside your head!!!”  Okay so a little contrived but we love that song and we certainly love these hoops!!
Gold Flake Locket Necklace
Click to be golden wonder!!!
As well as decking the halls with boughs of holly what about bedecking your clavicles with gold – ‘twill be far more jolly!! Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la and certainly less prickly!  Fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la la!!!!!! Ha! Ha! Ha!!
Click to cross your palm in silver!!

Plan some wrist management ahead of the big day with these silver pairings! Sterling action that will ensure the recipient to be “cuffed” to bits!  Who wouldn’t be with those modernist Seventies numbers???  Father Christmas, we are sure, would be utterly delighted just as long as you don’t forget the whisky, mince pie and solitary carrot (which he hilariously will have to nibble – reindeers and all that!!)!  And whilst he waits by the chimney savouring scotch on the rocks perhaps leave on repeat “All I want for Christmas is You!!”

Golden Topaz Cufflinks
Click to be the star of wonder!!
The wisest of those three wise men, in our humble opinion, brought gold and we bring you Golden Topaz cufflinks – replete with a faceted star of wonder if you look closely enough……… 

So that’s a wrap!!  ‘Santa’s got a bag of Soul’ for stockings filled with small wonders “yule” all be delighted with! 

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

PS Purely for some sanity in amongst yuletide yowlings play The Gap Band’s 1980 hit “Oops Upside Your Head!”

PPS Here are Baroque Rocks’ Top 5 Christmas Musical Offerings to help with your “Rappin”:

Kurtis Blow: Christmas Rappin 

Soul Saints Orchestra: “Santa’s got a bag of Soul”

Run DMC: Christmas in Hollis 

Jackson 5: Santa Claus is Coming to Town 

Mariah Carey: All I Want for Christmas



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