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The Talismanic Edit

Posted on July 15 2020

Baroque Rocks

The Talismanic Edit
'Gathering Goodness'


Darling All 

Hello July – can you believe a semblance of normality abounds with the lifting of Lockdown!!  In readiness and with Sweet Harmony we have been busily gathering goodness in the form of Les Talismans de Baroque Rocks – a Karma Chameleon curation to incite the courage to move on!!  Did you know that Cartier, Chanel, Dior, De Beers et al all delighted in tantalising totems so really, we’ve just joined the ranks of the tastemakers, following suit and of course saluting magpies!!

14K Rose Gold Lucky Locket Spinner Pendant

Click to feel "Karma Chameleon"

As the summer season gets into full swing, the movers and shakers taking up the bejewelled centre stage are trending towards kinetic jewellery.  And as luck would have it, we have a 14K Rose Gold Spinner Locket (with space for two photographs of magpies obviously) adorned with a horseshoe to bring good fortune.  Style on a long rose gold chain or choker for good throat chakra!

The Owl and The Pussycat
Click for "Sweet Harmony"

Spinning it up a notch we have the purrfect pairing that will be sure to empower and enlighten!!!  Channelling Lear’s laudable lingo, a wise, wise owl once declared that having Sapphires for eyes made his eyes sparkle which was a bit of a conundrum or should we mean corundum*? (*Sapphires are part of the mineral family called Corundum).  This 18K gold fine feathered fowl symbolises change, intuition and wisdom and is known to croon the iconic lines: “Oh Pussy…What a beautiful Pussy You Are.”  

And what a beautiful Pussy she is!  Suffice to say that plenty of ‘feline’ good vibes emanate from this articulated gem set jewel which waggles it’s tail in excitement!  Cats are said to attract good fortune and Pussy Galore here even practices crystal ball gazing!  Style these iconic lovers together: one on a chain and the other pinned to your chest!

Wishbone Rings
Click to "Push It!"

Fancy a threesome – you’d certainly be blessed in triplicate!  This hat trick of Wishbone rings though marvellously minimalist ensure a sophisticated finish to fancy threads!  One even has Diamonds, three of course – such mystic trinity!  Did you know that three is also known as the sunshine number!!  So, there you go, perfect accessories for your ‘homestay vacay.’

Emerald Eyed Gold Articulated Turtle Pendant
Click to "Got My Mind Set on You!"
If luck would have it and a yacht has been chartered, then make a ‘shore’ investment by toting a turtle totem!  This enormous Emerald eyed beauty’s blessed with flippers that waggle and wiggle propelling positive energies!  Flipping fabulous Feng Shui we say!!!  Free your spirit and style on a chain so it glints beguilingly between your bikini clad assets!

Gold Good Luck Horseshoe
Click to get that "Buffalo Stance"
If you are looking for some peachy juju to gee you up, then with symbolic finesse adorn yourself with a Horseshoe necklace featuring gold lettering spelling Good Luck!  Wear with eclectic ease, it will certainly give you a touch of contemporary verve not to mention conferring upon its wearer powers of protection and capabilities such as bagging a polo player!  So, giddy up, look hot to trot and win that chukka!

18K Gold Articulated Fish Pendant
Click for "Back To Life!"

Finally, we shine our spotlight on this artfully articulated amulet of pescatarian awe!!  We’ve been literally fishing around for the right words to describe its 18K golden sinuous scales that are so ‘so-fish-ticated’ with its glistening gem set cabochon eyes!!!  This is one spirit lifting Sexy Fish!   So, stop floundering around, recalibrate, pack some panache, a fleck of flamboyance and ‘Carp-ediem’!!!

At our crazy jewel filled emporium and specifically with the collection Les Talismans de Baroque Rocks we like to provide our magpies with indulgent luxury that’s good for the soul, imbued with significance, symbolism, spirituality but most importantly SPUNK!!

Stay safe, stay sane, stay sparkling! 

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team 

PS As serendipity would have it, we have various other fabulously fortuitous treasures in our trove (just clink on the links) such as:  an Elephant Necklace / Blow Fish Necklace / Articulated Fish Necklace / Owl Necklace / Cornicello Necklace / Small Tortoise Pendant/ Medium Sized Dice Pendant / Small Dice Pendant / Horseshoe Earrings

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