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Valentines Day: An Open Letter

Posted on February 02 2018


Baroque Rocks, being a company with everyone’s best interests at heart, thought we would provide you with a gentle nudge (an open letter of sorts) that Valentine’s day is around the corner. 

The 14th of February can be a day laced with potential perils and you certainly don’t want to fall under the moniker of “emotionally cold went to boarding school too early” nor do you want to do a supermarket sweep of Clintons Canary Wharf and buy your beloved a teddy bear holding a heart - as the dog will only be given it along with your supper.

The well-rehearsed line “it’s so commercial” unfortunately doesn’t wash either, as gifting generously to your lover is a tradition that far outlives The President’s Club.  Chaucer was erudite in courtly love in the 14th century and by the 18thcentury flowers and “Valentine’s” cards were becoming the norm.  Did you know that in the 1860s’s and 1870’s chivalric chaps weren’t seen as sentimental saps but quite the opposite and would often around this time of year give their beloved a necklace filled with precious stones that spelt out the words: FOREVER and LOVE. 

FOREVER would be spelt with: Fire Opal, Ruby, Emerald, Verdelite (type of garnet), Emerald, Ruby. 

LOVE perhaps would be dictated by the following gemstones: Lapis, Opal, Verdelite, Emerald. 

We can hear you all squawking in terror at this notion of a bejewelled alphabet (at least it isn’t the un-intelligble phonics one), but please let us assuage your worries.

We have some sparkling scene stealers which will help you demonstrate those three short words “I Love You” and reduce any therapy bills in one fail swoop, whilst not inflicting too much damage on your much-loved bottom line!  So, go on capture a heart whilst metamorphosising literally into St Valentinus and indulge in some twinkly treats.


Valentines Day: An Open Letter


Sending heartfelt love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

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