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The Deal Edit: I Can Buy Myself Flowers!!!

Posted on February 10 2023

Baroque Rocks

The Deal Edit:
I Can Buy Myself Flowers!!!


Darling All

Welcome to Baroque Rocks’ first edit of 2023 where we are vying for a vibrant vintage year in sublimely sparkling style!  The drear of winter is shortly to be replaced with blue skies and Baroque Rocks is as ever on hand to “free your mind and the rest will follow.”  And follow it does for the relationship we have with February is rather like playing cards.  First its hearts and diamonds but thankfully we can “bling” in the blooms in spades.  And we are literally “en tremblant” to showcase our latest finds……….

Laying our cards on the table we have restored a glorious Georg Jensen articulated, enamelled deck of cards pendant!  Our phenomenally talented craftsmen revitalised the jet black and garnet red enamel hearts etc. on the gold card box, which had all but disappeared, rendering it good as new.  But the ace aiding and abetting this 1969 piece in rarity and value is the fact that the 52 individual cards found within this miniature marvel are still ensconced in their original wrap!!!!  Rap-star Top Trumps if ever there was one!


Georg Jensen Articulated Enamelled Gold Deck of Cards 1969 Pendant
Click for a Royal Flush!

Pimping the pip emblem from left to right:  Gold Glorious Gold 1963 Lovin’ Machine of spinning pleasure!  Wear this and stay on the scene!  Alternatively get on up for the dazzlingly dainty duo decreeing devotion - hearts of desire decked out in Diamonds, Citrines and Rubies.  You know what they say two hearts beat as one?  And to riff on cutting edge cooldom take our sartorial styling tip by layering vintage and affixing one end of one necklace to another to give you a tangle free frisson of fabulousness!  If minimalism ain’t your vibe, then flash your brilliance with this provocative 20 pointer Diamond decolletage heart necklace!!!  Be the intelligent investor and indulge in saucy sagacity!


Heart Collection at Baroque Rocks

Click To Set Your Heart Beating!

Jumping from love hearts to petal power - did you know that in February last year 570 tonnes of flowers and specifically roses were imported to Blighty….  Read into that what you will but we have a trio of rings that won’t quite quell your floral desires but shall sow the seeds of smugness as the only Carbon footprint you will be guilty of is of C4 (the molecular formula of Diamonds)!!  Going anticlockwise, first up is a Seventies flower with petals of Diamonds and Sapphires buoyed by its heart “shank-ra”.  Next freshen up your look with a dose of 1975 “fleurotica” and oversized audacious opulence which enhances outfits and moods alike!  This cocktail ring underwent a radical renaissance swapping Smoky Quartz for an ELEVEN carat Sky Blue Topaz!!  After opulence comes perspicuity and if you agree with Chanel that “Adornment, what a science! Beauty, what a weapon! Modesty, what elegance” then this exquisite Camellia dress ring adorned in chic black Enamel, a central Pearl of indulgent purity and six sparkling Diamonds might be exactly what you are after!!!


Flower Ring Collection at Baroque Rocks

Click For Floral Fantasia!

Finally, we have happened upon a treasure which is the most rarefied and refined find!!!  The cream of the crop in the shape of an enormous, enamelled flower ring which dances, sparkles and quivers in beatific pneumatic rhythm!!!  The symbiotic groove that nature and jewellery enjoy is evoked in this piece where the fuchsia enamelled petals unfurl to reveal a pearl shimmering stigma surrounded by ravishing rubies crowning the anthers held aloft by filaments fashioned from golden curlicue springs.  Big up the 11+ Biology!  This articulated artistry is known as “En Tremblant!”  It was invented under Louis XVI in 18th century France with the technique honed and perfected by the Italian House of Bulgari during the late 1950s early 1960s and in this case restored by the indefatigable revivalist Baroque Rocks!  Woohoo!!  If an instant hit of euphoric enchantment, delicious ingenuity and invention is what you are after then this flabbergasting floral fantasia with triphop funk carousing through its petals is for you!


Articulated En Tremblant Enamel Pearl and Ruby Flower Cocktail Ring
Click For The "En Tremblant" Experience!

Baroque Rocks delights in defying convention and we certainly celebrate Miley Cyrus’ lyrics “I can buy myself flowers!!”  So, marvel in the maverick ensuring that this February you deal a shimmering suit of sparklers whose soul is so heart-stompingly fresh that they are in a league of their own!! 

Stay sparkling!
With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

PS If you like what you read and it brings you a smile, please do share with friends!

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

PS If you like what you read and it brings you a smile, please do share with friends!

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