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The Mellow Yellow Edit: With a Dash of True Party Blue!!!

Posted on November 10 2023

Baroque Rocks

The Mellow Yellow Edit:
With a Dash of True Party Blue!!!


Darling All

Talk about charting the Autumnal season as November has arrived with a splash!!  And what better way to soak up this wet windy weather but with a little mellow yellow indulgence: we are talking Citrines, little luscious touches of luxurious light juxtaposed with a dash of true party blue: as in Blue Topaz!  Just to keep it gem set, these two brilliantly bright Gemstones are for the November birthstone babes - well and for every other fashionista worth their ‘hi-soc’ savant salt!

So, without further ado, here are sunny somethings, yes, the Baroque Rock’s version of the SAD phenomena: Sparkling Alpha Dazzlers:


Enormous Emerald Cut Citrine Cocktail Ring
Click for fiscal fabulousness!

First up we are showcasing sculptural forms, with this enormous, Emerald cut Citrine corker of a cocktail ring!!! A gemstone goddess with attitude and a little reminder that the Citrine is known as the ‘wealth stone’! Fiscally fabulous with oodles of audacious avant glam!


Emerald Cut Citrine and Diamond Rose Gold Earrings

Click for Diamonds & Citrines!

Pair with these Emerald cut Citrine and Diamond Rose Gold earrings!! Enormous Citrines bedecked with Diamonds enveloped in gold’s warmest hue what more could a gal want? It really t’will be “la vie en rose!” More Lady Gaga less piffpaff Piaff!

Colossal Oval Citrine Cocktail Ring

Click for Citrine sunshine!

If an oval effort is more your style signifier, then this enormous carat-ful Citrine is the answer and more to the point one will effectively never have to go on holiday again!!! Affording one such glamorous rays of Citrine sunshine – who needs Vitamin D spray! A truly exquisite piece where the Citrine is gracefully encased by gold replete with what is known in the trade as Florentine Finish!! Hugely popular in the Seventies - so go on Tesoro, flaunt this ‘cicciolina’ of a piece!


Articulated Citrine, Diamond & Peridot Gold Drop Cocktail Earrings
Click to articulate!

Continuing with the leitmotif of Citrines, definitely dial up the Diamond DAZZLE and be ‘linked in’ with these articulated earrings featuring solitaires in Citrine, Diamond and Peridot with a smattering of Diamond studding!!! Illuminating the fact that you are one ‘helluva’ clever, cocktail clad, chic chick!

Citrine Honeycomb Colossal Cocktail Ring (7.5carats) 1970s
Click for sparkling spondulicks!

We are slightly ‘bee-sotted’ with this colossal Citrine Honeycomb Cocktail Ring. A Seventies, Seven Carater, Citrine Statement Solitaire!! Awesome alliteration for the glitternation!! (It is actually 7.5 carats to be quite precise.) Forget the lure of the lottery, rub for sparkling spondulicks!!!!

Citrine and Diamond Square White Gold Earrings
Click for steal the scene!

Why not mix the metals and add some White Gold Citrine and Diamond Earrings to your sartorial garb!!  Steal the scene and sizzle in white hot Citrine!

Enormous Blue Topaz (9.5 CARAT) & Diamond Cocktail Necklace
Click for a sporting cocktail!

Back in blue, we have this stylish siren making a sensational statement with 9 Carats of bedazzling Blue Topaz in a divine Diamond surround!! Le Coq Sportif of Cocktail Necklaces, sporting a nifty little catch for one to clip onto some punky Pearls!!! Literally crowing in delight!

Emerald Cut Blue Topaz and Diamond Rose Gold Earrings
Click for perfect pairings!
Last up, a couple of perfect pairings!! Left to right we have an Emerald cut Swiss Blue Topaz and Diamond Rose Gold earrings.  This dazzling deuce will certainly transcend time with enduring style!!

The Sky Blue Topaz Sunburst Earrings dated for 1972 are the gospel pop of sunshine soul like Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” that was released in that same year – treasures that have the bounce of a dance cut yet truly madly deeply sexy!!  These really are an indispensable treat.

And treat one must as we are galloping ever undimmed in sparkle and speed towards…eek the cool Yule…………!!!

Stay sparkling!
With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

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