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The #Roadmap Edit: Happy Days!!!

Posted on March 11 2021

Baroque Rocks

The #Roadmap Edit
Happy Days!!!


Darling All 

Lifting us out of lockdown in a lithe limbo is the rocking #Roadmap that sees March “just move on up”!!!!  A bit like that crux point where winter abdicates its crown to let Spring skitter in with a bouquet of delights such as releasing feral seedlings back to the alma mater’s arms on International Women’s day!!  High five the Downing Street quangos for that one!!  And though we are still legally under lock and key, the green shoots of recovery are surging forward thanks to irrepressible Mother Nature, the true muse of the moment!

House & Garden

Click for House & Garden!!

For a fresh take on one’s house and garden wardrobe, indulge in a spot of foraging for fashionable fancies!!  First up is this smouldering Sixties Sunburst Cocktail of Emerald exuberance and pure Pearl decadence!!  Blooming ballyhoo’d brilliance!  

Team with Pearl Drop earrings, for that perennial Panglossian perfection!  Beauties that bestow a healthy lustre for life, keeping virginal lobes intact with their screw backs, not to mention being the natural harbingers of style!  Alternatively, pair with Emerald and Diamond hoops and lead the scene, keeping it glitteringly green!!  

Having touched on flora, elevate energies further by bedecking your decolletage with flipping fabulous fauna and be “Turtle-ly” awesome!  Sport your spirit animal delighting in the fact that it symbolizes, wisdom, wealth, longevity and luck!!  Add to your talismanic take by layering up your nape with golden happiness which even beamingly spells it out for you: Happy Days!


Aquamarine Collection at Baroque Rocks
Click for Eternal Youth & Intellect!!

Having laid to bed the riveting roots of adornment with verdant verve we now look to blue sky dreaming!  Whilst we still may not be able to indulge in beachcombing peregrinations, we can but wallow in the shallows of March’s birthstone, the awe-inspiring Aquamarine!  An amulet to astound and allure that purportedly provides eternal youth and sharpens one’s intellect!  To help one along the latter path (we aren’t peddling snake oil here darlings), did you know that this gemstone of courage, derives from the Latin “Sea Water” and forms part of the Beryl family which includes Emeralds (green), Morganites (pink) and Heliodors (yellow).  Yup, we too were captivated, so much so that we have three rings to bestow!  And quite frankly these are the only circles this month to be seen in!  Choose one or all three and wear with a pair of Blue Sapphire and Diamond foliate cocktail earrings, honing your blue stocking credentials!   Finish the look, whilst ensuring you are the catch of the day with this 1970s Blow Fish!  Feng Fishy fabulousness and auspiciously fortuitous!  Carpe Diem ‘n’ all that!

Bubblegum Pink Styling

Click for Bluegum Pink Styling!!

To blow away the lockdown cobwebs, go back to the ‘fuchsia’ with a bubblegum pink Tourmaline ring and flaunt with unbridled Rolling Stones satisfaction!  Then, choose from a carefully curated capsule of circular fashion fripperies - gold hoops, gold baby gold!  Add the finishing touch to your look with a bedazzling bibelot, in the form of a Ziggy Stardust hourglass and let it swing seductively!

So, there you have it, we have cultivated an enticing ensemble with bounteous botanical brilliance, feng shui’d fauna, provocative Pantone pink Happy Days styling and really “that’s the way, uh-huh, uh-huh I like it, uh-hhuh, uh-huh!!”  

Spring it on – we are #Roadmap ready!

Stay safe, stay sane, stay sparkling!

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

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PPS: We’ve thoughtfully created a Baroque Rocks’ Roadmap Beats and if you Click on the playlist below it will take you to Spotify;

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