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The Stocking Edit: All Killer No Filler!!!

Posted on December 06 2022

Baroque Rocks

The Stocking Edit:
All Killer No Filler!!!


Darling All 

Well hello December………….  Yes, it’s that time of year where we save you that frightful fluster and with some good coruscating Christmas cheer bring you glittering wonders to signify the end of another year!   Now Magpies forget the halls and bedeck your good selves!!  We have scads of sparklers for the Stocking Edit and that are temptingly over the ton and well under the monkey mark.  And opening up our treasure box we shall reveal baubles that will ensure you will outshine them all!!


Gold Glorious Gold: Articulated Treasure Chest 1966
Click for Treasure!

“As I signed my letter that I sealed with a kiss I sent it off, and just said this, I know exactly what I want this year Santa can you hear me?” My Only Wish This Year Britney Spears

Phenomenal 3.8 Carat Peridot Ring 1991

Click for "My Only Wish This Year"!


We shall so make your wishes you didn’t even know you had come true!!! What about a phenomenal 3.8 carat Peridot Ring?  One that will “Set Adrift on Memory Bliss” as its dates to 1991!!!  This verdantly neon gemstone is known for its compassion, cleansing abilities not to mention its 3.8 carats!!!  Not only will you have peeps pawing for your Peridot but whilst they do so – dazzle them with knowledge for the Peridot also goes by the name Chrysolite.  Or if Christmas earrings are more your thing, a dozen Garnet ‘glitterbugs’ garnishing one’s lobes may well be most perfect or a simple-hearted necklace will have you dazzling in double love and Diamond decadence!!!

Santa, tell me if you're really there, Feeling Christmas all around, And I'm trying to play it cool”  Santa Tell Me by Ariana Grande

Amethyst Studded Hoop Earrings 2005

Click for "Santa Tell Me"

You can play it cool this Christmas with a pair of Morganite marvels – utter superhero stones!! You do realise that a Morganite is a pink Aquamarine or Emerald as it hails from the same family!  And if that wasn’t illustrious enough it’s named after the much-feted banker JPMorgan who gave a cache of treasures to a certain museum in New York!  Super glam, super genius gems!  But if you are going for the A rated glow up, then amaze in these Amethyst hoops!!  Whilst you are deliberating between these perfect pairings what about toting, talismanic, turtle good, Georg Jensen, fortune?  Dated for 1973 where Marvin Gaye sang “Let’s get it on” and on it should jolly well go!!! 

“It barely took a breath to realize, We're gonna be a classic for all time, I wanna thank you, baby You make it feel like Christmas” You make it feel like Christmas by Gwen Stefani

Gold Glorious Gold: Unoaerre Rope Bracelet

Click "You Make It Feel Like Christmas!"

Add a glistening dollop of glitz and glamour with this Gold Glorious Gold Rope Bracelet!  We assure you it will be a ‘classic for all time!’  Rather like this 1976 awe inspiring delightful dress ring festooned with Diamonds and an amazing Aquamarine central gemstone.  It will leave you simply star struck just like the hand engraved stars on the shank!  You really shall shine the brightest!!!  But if you want a trend fix then do what the FT HTSI tells you in their recent “Fête de Noël How to Celebrate It This Winter” issue with…. you got it Pearls!!  Smoulderingly sensational, the Siffari Diamond and Pearl Ring is just the ticket!! When a lightening bolt is peppered with diamonds and flanked with Pearls you know that it’s going to be love and first sight!  Electrification darlings!

“Oh, I don't want a lot for Christmas
, This is all I'm asking for….” 
All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey

Prasiolite and Diamond Cocktail Ring 2007

Click "All I Want For Christmas!"

The defining zeitgeist of the festive period is without a shadow of a doubt that poptastic masterpiece “All I want for Christmas” and we hear one carol “you” in unison!  Well, these bounteous baubles really are all that you should be asking for!  Take this awesomely articulated Bear wearing Aaron’s breastplate of gemstones and then who could miss it but a whopping great big cocktail corker: Prasiolite and Diamond Cocktail Ring dated for 2007!  Talk about pandering to the prodigious pantheons of Prasiolite!  Amethyst alliterations….(no we haven’t gone quite King Lear, a Prasiolite is a green Amethyst).  And then to bedazzle further a pair of electric Emerald and Diamond foliate stud earrings.   Evoke eclectic spirit by wearing one in an ear candy stack or go trad symbiotic!  Either way these efforts are flipping fancy!

Gold Glorious Gold: Articulated Treasure Chest 1966

Click for Treasure!

As we repackage and recycle jewels we thought we’d do the same for last year’s written pun: “Did you know that Father Christmas invests in Baroque Rocks Stockings & Shares……..ok that’s terrible but it’s a wrap!!!”

Stay tuned for the “Scintillating Sybarite Sequel” The Maximalist Edit which will be coming out soon.

Stay sparkling!
With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

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