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The Supercharging Edit: Sunshine Jewels!!!

Posted on October 18 2023

Baroque Rocks

The Supercharging Edit:
Sunshine Jewels!!!


Darling All

At the time of writing, we are experiencing supercharging sunshine for October which is nicely nostalgic as Baroque Rocks skived off over the summer to swan around in the Caribbean cool whilst bronzed in Fake Bake, wafting Incognito (best ‘Mustiq-o’ spray ever) and essaying our unique brand of opulent, ostentatious essentials ‘a la’ Princess Margaret’s joie de bejewelled vivre!!!  We even tick the boxes for the new maxim “quiet luxury” which whispers off-key reinterpretations of the classics which are superbly and subliminally rebellious in attitude yet pack a dazzling punch!!  For the un-initiated it’s the new fashion movement focusing on investing in pieces of the highest quality with timeless appeal! ‘Whoomp Shaka Laka’ we say!!


Articulated Acrostic Lovestruck DEAREST Earrings 1965
Click for Lovestruck Pairings!

Anyway, back on subject here is a little extract from the summer: Dear Diary at breakfast having imbibed a little too much quinine the previous soirée we decided to test our enigma ready grey cells and decode these acrostic pairings!!  They really are the DEAREST 1960s teeny tiny earrings spelling the words Diamond, Emerald, Amethyst, Ruby Emerald, Sapphire, Tourmaline!!  Talk about having us all of a quiver!!  Oh, and did you know that Tiffany’s were an early adopter of coded jewellery!  Now there’s a lesson to super style the love! 


Emerald Isosceles Modernist Earrings

Click for Carats - Emerald Ones at That!

Whilst still at breakfast we wondered whether we should bedeck oneself in a pair of Emerald Isosceles Modernist Earrings!!!  And as the Triangle of Luck would have it – Isosceles are in and in a most Modernist way!!  Bang on trillion trend, with exquisite large ‘carat-ful’ Emeralds to boot!!!  Very Vogue!

Black Onyx and White Sapphire Rose Gold Circular Cocktail Necklace c.1980s

Click for a Glamazon Glittering!

Dear Diary, its precisely time for elevenses and a little mule ride to the beach is quite the order of the day!!  An adorning accoutrement would suffice such as a little insouciant black number of course!!! What better than a Black Onyx and White Sapphire Rose Gold leather cocktail necklace!  Seriously white hot, Sapphire seduction hot, on Black Onyx and embellished with Rose Gold!!  Megawatt glow up as one would expect as it hails from across the pond, yep the US of A!  Statement power piece of glamazon proportions.


Diamond, Emerald and Pink Tourmaline Circular Cocktail Necklace
Click for The Sizzling Siren!

Decisions, decisions: should one go for the Diamond, Emerald and Pink Tourmaline cocktail necklace?  Symbolising eternal love and festooned and we mean festooned with these sparklers, numbering a tremendous thirty -six in total that are sprinkled over diaphanous rings of power for that big, big energy!  Utterly glorious, utterly unique, utterly hedonistic!!!  A sizzling siren of a piece!

 Pearl & Turquoise Bombe Ring c.1960s

Click for Digit Decadence!

Dear Diary, its most definitely cocktail hour and a perfect opportunity for a little digit decadence!  Time to pop on a veritable swinging Sixties beauty in the form of a Bombé ring studded with punk white Pearls and tantalising Turquoises!  Think Caribbean / Cap Ferat!

Green Tourmaline & Diamond Modernist Cocktail Ring c.1970s
Click for Free-Flowing Modernism!
Or maybe one should just go with the free-flowing organic barked Modernist marvel that is punctuated with a couple of dazzling Diamonds and a green with envy Tourmaline of seismic Seventies proportions.  Organic organisms all the way with this incredibly insane piece!
Emerald and Pink Tourmaline Modernist Ring 1972
Click for Free-Flowing Modernism!
Dear Diary, we ended up donning the Emerald and Pink Tourmaline number! Barkingly Modernist in design replete with two cut out oval shapes in the shank which serve to highlight its almost Versace-esque neo punk funk!  Forget ‘That Dress’ its very much ‘That Ring’!  An iconic super vibey Seventies cocktail beauty!!  Don’t worry we liberally spritzed before putting on The Ritz!!  (Note to self: remember to put jewels on last after all scents, creams etc have dried and clean with a soft toothbrush).

From sun blessed London, thank you for indulging us in our treasury of escapism excerpts which really does give one a jolly jolt of rediscovered sparkling energy not to mention sneak peaks into Baroque Rocks’ latest collection of stonking style signifiers!!!  The eagle-eyed Magpies amongst you will note the trope for Tourmalines in this edit and that’s purely because they are October’s birthstones!  ‘Whoomp There It Is’ - ‘That’s all Folks!’

Stay sparkling!
With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

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PPS “Whoomp There It Is”  Tag Team was one of the all-time great party anthems of the 90s! Press play here

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