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Diamond Delectations Edit: And Licensed Libations!!!

Posted on March 31 2021

Baroque Rocks

Diamond Delectations Edit
And Licensed Libations!!!


Darling All 

Tee-ing off April nicely was an early Easter which by the time this goes to print will have hopped it along with the cheap choco!!  But what is truly egg-exciting, is that not only may we once again delight in sporting pleasures, legally that is, but we can also bid a bit of an adieu to oikology in favour of licenced libations!  Alfresco and Covid cautiously that is!!  Befittingly the birthstone for this month is the Diamond, which in tales of yore was thought to ward off the plague!! Now fancy that?  Obviously, a complete medical necessity so ice yourselves ‘tis after all, for your protection!

Dazzling Diamond Lion Bangle 1991

Click for Roaring Arm Candy!!

Roar into the week of April the 12th with the courage and valour (and thirst?) of King of the Beasts with this 1991 Gold Lion bangle!!  He even has a diamond flecked tail and mane!


Dazzling Diamond Wishbone Ring
Click for Diamond Wishes!!

In terms of digit decadence then we have delicious Diamond delectations!  First up is Wishing on a Wishbone ring!!!  Studded with three Diamonds of mystic trinity and marvellously minimalist ensuring a sophisticated finish to fancy threads!  Did you know that three is also known as the sunshine number!!  So, there you go, perfect accessories for your Easter ‘homestay vacay.’

Dazzling Diamond Duo Dress Ring

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From three we go to two with sculptural simplicity and one’s soul mission and divine purpose in life is to literally own this Diamond Duo Dress Ring!


Diamond Rockstar Ring

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And from two we go to absolute opulence!!!  A cocktail of cocktails that will engulf you in paroxysms of pleasure! Intensely irresistible: smouldering swagger meets blossoming soul!!  To be worn for individual inducing invincibility!!

Dazzling Diamond Tennis Necklace

Click To Serve Diamonds!!

Some countries bask in golden sunshine, are relatively virus free and thus able to ‘parteeee’!!!  And green at the emerald gills we ruddy well are as Baroque Rocks got an invitation to a “Tennis Pros & Golf Hoes” party and woefully as travel is strictly VERBOTEN had to politely decline!  We had the right accoutrements too!  As we are such good sports though, we shall however fluoresce over here spurring mind, body into exertion with a couple of uber Sports-Luxe lavish lavalieres!  Sashay onto the tennis court ready to serve quite the jewel, and a Diamond jewel at that!  The spin on this fabulous dazzling Diamond tennis racket necklace is that we also have a cabochon emerald and diamond tennis racquet brooch!  Now that really is game set and match!

1973 Gold & Pearl Golf Clubs Necklace

Click To Swing!!

If golf is more your thing, think improved motivation and swing into action with these 1970s clubs!  Celebrate a great score with a birdie at those already partying as we too are en-course with festive frolics , finding diamonds in the rough!

Feng Fishy

Click for Feng Fishy!!

If fishing is your forte then stop floundering around, recalibrate, pack some panache, a fleck of flamboyance and ‘Carp-ediem’ with this artfully articulated amulet of pescatarian awe!!!  We’ve been literally fishing around for the right words to describe its golden sinuous scales that are so ‘so-fish-ticated’ with its gimlet Diamond eyes!!!  Protection, wealth, and good fortune - this is one spirit lifting Sexy Fish!

Click For Blue Chip Investments!!

Finally, and a complete red herring as this piece has absolutely nothing to do with the loosely themed Diamond dalliance we are having in this Edit, behold a titillating tease!  The tantalising Topaz cushion cut squared dress to impress ring!  A soupçon of extravagance and a magpie salute to the ultramarine dreams of April!

Over and out for now as we leave you with a Diamond of a capsule collection – an octad to be precise giving you a licence to thrill, shine and sparkle !!

Stay safe, stay sane, stay sparkling!

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

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