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Desert Island Rocks: Fantasy Resort Wear

Posted on February 04 2021

Baroque Rocks

Desert Island Rocks
Fantasy Resort Wear


Darling All 

Wishing you a happy, healthy new year and rather like HMRC’s benevolent extension we too have followed suit with a suitably late January cum early February edit!  Languishing in London Lockdown once again and to rally the endorphins we decided to paint a vision of unapologetic frivolity for this month’s musings!!  Picture being marooned on a desert island with swathes of soft pearly white sand surrounded by Aquamarine sea, shaded from the Diamond hot sun by the Emerald green palm and quenching one’s thirst with crystal clear Bombay Sapphire!!!  BOOM!  The ultimate fantasy escape - clad in next to nought save for a kaleidoscope of gems and a panama hat!!!  Take note it is entirely reasonable to have a wardrobe stuffed with cocktail rings and little else!  Herewith: The Desert Island Rocks Collection:

Desert Island Rocks Fantasy Resort Wear 2021 Collection

Click for Resort Wear!

Burst into 2021 bloom with Flower Power exuberance!!!  Behold this Goddess of a ring, a true ‘horti-cocktail’ floral fantasy of pyro pink rubies and decalescent dazzling diamonds!  Maximalism and uber well-being all the way!!

Ruby & Diamond Flower Cocktail Ring
Click for Wellbeing

Take the plunge with white hot hues and “Shine bright like a Diamond!  Find the light in the beautiful sea!  I choose to be happy!”   Deliriously HAPPY that is, and who wouldn’t be with this Diamond Rockstar ring!   Intensely irresistible: smouldering swagger meets blossoming soul!!  To be worn for individual inducing invincibility!!  Cultivate an ‘Unapologetic’ Diamond addiction rockhounds and be “a vision of ecstasy!”

Diamond Flower Cocktail Ring

Click for a "Vision of Ecstacy"

Be awe inspiring and make waves with this marine blue Topaz and Diamond accented dress ring!  Parade it at the beach, or within your four walls, all the while knowing that the Little Mermaid was so chirpily right that “life is the bubbles!”

 Blue Topaz & Diamond Ring
Click for Inspiration!

Take a fresh perspective on the circadian lacklustre and inject a high-octane dose of the unconventional!!!  Enchant with this extraordinary Emerald modernist ring – 1970s rare retro – grade desire!!!

Extraordinary Emerald Modernist Ring

Click for the Unconventional

Bask in exotic isolation and channel femme fatale glamour with this stupendously, showstopping Smoky Quartz Cocktail Ring!  Ensure global high impact with this whopper, delicately balanced with the most sensuously detailed golden arches (the shank magpies not the French predilection for McDos)!!

Showstopping Smoky Quartz Cocktail Ring

Click for The Golden Arches

Gain optimal cadence with this Petal Power Peridot Pearl Perfection!!  An alliteration for the glitternation!!  High five home-schooling success, though not with the intended subject!!  And as we get carried away with this ring, we ought to mention that the crowning glory is the centrefold Citrine!!  A bouquet of beauty that presents a look of simple versatility, winning first place at Chelsea Flower Show, and to be worn at any lustrous iridescent archipelago of choice or to a kooky kitchen Hip-Hop dance convention!

Petal Power Peridot Pearl Perfection

Click for The Glitternation!!

Set the tone in the super fly jewel fashion stakes, with this “So seductive, … Candy Shop” seductive ring!!!  Smoulder in Sapphire saturation with its Green and Blue corundums*.   Really the only conundrum you will have is whether you wear the ring on its own or literally stack it up with some other bounteous bling!  Delicious decisions!  

(*Rubies and Sapphires belong to the corundum mineral group, put that in the Zoom-ing marvellous Friday quiz).

 Blue and Green Sapphire Ring

Click for Corundums!!

Lastly, be the Queen of Disco with this all but square ring, sporting nine sapphires, how is that for divine completeness!  These sizzling Sapphires are just the hot hued blue that whatever the occasion, the result is at once irreverent chic and funktastic!  Lit, Dope, any other new-fangled jargon one can muster but you get the genius gist!!!  That is of course “J” for genius!

Sapphire Square Ring
Sizzlingly already Sold!!

Whilst we fantasize of warm weather locales and chasing the sunshine vibe, one thing is for sure that the symphony of untamed colour popping rings, will bathe us in rays from dawn ‘til dusk!!  And that’s not all, think healing, think wellbeing!  Literally, ‘les petits essentiels’ for lockdown!!  Deprivation darlings is disastrous, time to accelerate Pfizer style the legal highs as epitomised in Harry Style’s raunchy, spirited hit “Watermelon High / Breathe me in, breathe me out / I don’t know if I could ever go without!!”  They seriously are “Jam Hot!”

Stay safe, stay sane, stay sparkling!
With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

“A million dreams is all it's gonna take
Oh a million dreams for the world we're gonna make
The special things I compile
Each one there to make you smile”

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