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The Hotter Than August Edit: Raunchy Recalescence!

Posted on August 15 2021

Baroque Rocks

The Hotter Than August Edit:
Raunchy Recalescence!


Darling All 

Apparently, August’s African plume is drifting towards Blighty!!  And just so that one can sizzle in immense style we have some hot to trot treats – no threads needed!!!

Top of our Green List is August’s birthstone the seductive Peridot, a delectably divine green Olivine, associated with light, radiance, good-fortune and prosperity!  The Ancient Egyptians referred to the Peridot as the “gem of the sun!”  Known now amongst the glitterati and fashionistas alike as “Evening Emeralds!”  Enswathe oneself in its verdant vitality and cavort like Cleopatra radiating raunchy recalescence!!  We have three splendid serotonin inducing rings which all sport this magnificent gemstone!

   Peridot & Pink Tourmaline 1973 Cocktail Ring Peridot & Pink Tourmaline 1973 Cocktail Ring Peridot & Pink Tourmaline 1973 Cocktail Ring Peridot & Pink Tourmaline 1973 Cocktail Ring Peridot & Pink Tourmaline 1973 Cocktail Ring Peridot & Pink Tourmaline 1973 Cocktail Ring 

Click for juicy jewels!

First up a recently restored 1973 ring, substituting grenache garnets for lime green popping Peridots and pink, pink Tourmalines!!  Pure ‘Styles’ “Watermelon sugar high!!!”  Juicy jewels that will render you legally stoned – mouth-wateringly so!!  We know you want it we just don’t know if you “could ever go without!!”  A piquantly tropical cocktail!!!

Diamond, Peridot & Pink Tourmaline 1977 Dress Ring
Click razzle 'n' dazzle!

Next, it’s time to razzle ‘n’ dazzle in an awesome array of Diamonds, neon green Peridot and blushing Pink Tourmalines!  Star people, this 1977 ring had sported black Sapphires that were supplanted for a provocative Peridot and six tempting Tourmalines – we obviously kept those dazzling Diamonds!!  T’will literally make you smile all day long!!

Peridot Provocateur 1972 Dress Ring

Click for Provocateur Peridots!

For the purists amongst you, we have consciously created a tremendously trippy trio of Peridot perfection in a 1972 ring!!  Switching up once again from ultra-rouge garnets to Provocateur Peridots.  Be the agent of panache and rave ready!

Artfully Articulated Diamond & Tourmaline Millennium Ladybird Pendant

Click for Pointillism!

An articulate Millennial!!  This turn of the century high lux Ladybird pendant is a true talisman evoking the spirit of freedom, luck and prosperity!!!  Indulge in pink Pointillism and count Coccinellidae’s eight bejewelled Tourmaline spots not forgetting to spy the diamond duo that form her eyes!  Revel in retro revival!!

Dazzling Diamond Naughty Nineties Ring

Click for haute hedonism!

Bring on the bling for haute hedonistic summer brilliance!!!  Go for a perfectly naughty Nineties ring festooned with Diamond dazzlers!!!  Its maximalism all the way!!!  And on that note bigger is so much better and never more so than when it’s a Cocktail of Bombé Sapphire!!!  Sculptural seduction in pure Seventies subversive style!!!  We named this beauty Le Cactus de Baroque Rocks!  Be ravishingly rebellious!

Dope Ropes

Click for 'Dope Ropes'!

Finally, we have created a triphop trio of dope ropes: adjustable Amethyst bracelets illuminated by neon pink, orange and green sex-waxed cords.  Rev up the hype with this arm candy!  The pure purple perfection that is Amethyst exudes healing properties and protection.  Aside from the preservation against Bacchanalian revelry (Tequilahhh not included) Amethyst enhances motivation and prosperity.  For everyday sophistication percolate Purple Power!!!

This summer is all about outrageous extravagance, so go all out and ensure you are hotter than August!!   Glowingly so!

Stay sparkling!

With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

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