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The Sparkling Hibernation Edit Lockdown 'Looms'

Posted on November 13 2020

Baroque Rocks

The Sparkling Hibernation Edit
Lockdown 'Looms'


Darling All 

November sees us back in our lairs and thus we reiterate our Covid-caveat: which aims to provide a light literary escapism whilst administering the desirable dosage of dazzlers and a blast of brilliant beats!!!!  Having deftly swept under the carpet: the political tantrums from across the pond and the full pelt mink extermination, we say HELLO to Hibernations’ Hotsteppers that are destined to handsomely hypnotize one’s hippocampi!!!

1990s Trio of Bears Pendant & Earrings

Click for Hibernation's Hotsteppers!

Celebrating rarity in all its guises our animal instinct does not ‘panda’ to the pandemic panic, rather, we draw strength from the Power of Three!  These Three Bears, (‘Beary’ Nineties, Darling!) worn as earrings and pendant necklace are fully articulated, ‘gemseted’ golden wonders!!  Goldilocks, boy have we found your spirit animal!  Stimulate your senses further, by toting a turtle totem!!! An Emerald eyed beauty that is blessed with flippers that waggle and wiggle propelling positivity!  ‘Free your mind and the rest will follow’ by styling on a chain, so it glints beguilingly!!  Talk about Turtle Power!  But really to help hibernation along, just open a bottle of sparkling splendour!  A 1970s vintage naturally!!

Vintage Emerald Eyed Gold Articulated Turtle Pendant
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Now we all know that jewels are agents of magnificent mood metamorphosis and November birthstones make for a perfectly Panglossian pairing: smouldering citrines and tantalising topazes!!  A shot of excessive optimism derived from these marvellous minerals is something we can all benefit from!!!  And so, ever thinking of others, Baroque Rocks has harvested a fine crop of Citrines and a bounty of blue Topazes for you to feast upon!

Citrine Commanding Solitaire Ring
Click for Prosperity!

Keeping the diktat of “hands, face, space” first up is a Citrine Cocktail Corker of prodigious proportions!  Emerald cut in splendour and royal to the core, energising every level of life whilst attracting good fortune and prosperity!  Did you know that Citrine is known as the wealth stone?  Forget the ruddy genie!!  Rub the Citrine!!

Seventies Citrine Jewellery
Click for Seventies Swagger

And just so you don’t fight like feral ferrets over this allurement, we also have two more hand enhancers in the form of Seventies Citrine Cocktail rings.  A heavenly hexagon effort with the six sides representing harmony, perfection, balance, sincerity, love and truth!  Whilst the other, is a commandingly, substantial Citrine Solitaire with a suave Seventies swagger!  Moving onto the visage, get ready to smoulder in these ear dusting Citrine and Diamond Earrings!!!  Looking hot to trot with a wealth of healing goodness!  No need for a Botox blast either as they will certainly illuminate your face, whilst cleansing all chakras!  We really ought to be on your speed dial!

Vintage Topaz Jewellery
Click for Bali Blues!

Adding further radiance restoring measures, what about a dash of blue sky thinking with this pair of Blue Topaz razzle and Diamond dazzle glorious and we mean GLORIOUS cocktail earrings!!  Think Mykonos / Ibiza / Bali blues and instant gin palace styling!  Well Topaz does bring joy and abundance!!  After all, dreaming is believing!!

Blue Topaz Trilogy Empress Ring

Click for The Empress!

If you prefer a more classic combo, we have The Empress Dress Ring, three Blue Topazes to tantalise!  The number of good-fortune, wisdom and harmony!!!  No. 3 Is the Empress Card in a Tarot card pack, symbolising creation and growth!!!  Kismet for the goddess in you!

As ever, Baroque Rocks is on hand to bolster one’s inner resolve with a mother lode of juicy jewels!!!  Go on lavish Lockdown ‘Looms’ (heirlooms) upon yourself whilst you ‘Hotstep’ through hibernation!

Stay safe, stay sane, stay sparkling!
With love from Emma and the Baroque Rocks Team

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